Friday, January 15, 2021


 More today from these display cases of rocks and minerals, with rich colours and textures to be found.

This particular case includes both before and after- finished jewels and how they get started.

Earlier in the visit we looked at volcanoes. Earthquakes and their drastic effect are the other side of that, and they are explored in detail here.

Some of the more famous quakes of world history are profiled here.


  1. Jewels from rocks---pretty interesting. I sure wouldn't like to be in a huge earthquake--terrible. Western Washington is known to have have several earthquakes. The last one I remember and actually the first I ever actually heard and felt was in 1965. It was amazing---didn't damage my home but we had a well and also oil heat and the 'quake somehow made the oil in the ground enter into the well. That was not too nice but we managed it. Had to drain the well scrub down the sides (it was a hand dug dirt well) with bleach and the water came back fine as could be. Must have been a pocket of oil under the barrel---who knows. Thanks for the memories---LOL

  2. The rocks and minerals are beautiful, but such an earthquake like today in Inonesia is horrifying.

  3. ...we have had some seismic changes here lately.

  4. Those earthquake shots are very sobering.

  5. I live near a mining town, Spruce-Pine NC, and there is a mineral museum near there, as well as tourist attractions that are said to be mines. I've taken kids there, where you get a whole bucket full of rocks and get to sluice them to find gems. I've got some rings someplace that were made from amethysts and sardonics we found.

  6. The earthquake photos are incredible, such devastation.

  7. The study of rocks is interesting, so many colours!

  8. Oh yes. Earthquake and volcano are really something!

  9. @Maywyn: thank you!

    @MB: Cascadia can't be far from where you are, and that zone is a monster just waiting to be unleashed.

    @Agnieszka: thank you.

    @Marie: it's my birthstone.

    @Jan: that is true.

    @Tom: indeed.

    @RedPat: they are.

    Barbara: I remember an amethyst place up near Thunder Bay here in Ontario.

    @Bill: that's true.

    @Jennifer: I agree.

    @Cloudia: that they are.

  10. Beautiful crystals, like reliving my childhood. I could identify many of them.

  11. There are few things I can imagine that would be worse than to be buried in earthquake rubble. The rocks are beautiful.

  12. The colours and textures are amazing!

  13. William - I was a bit shocked to read that earthquakes kill an average of 10,000 people per year ...

  14. Great info on geology ~

    Moment by moment.....

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    aka (A Creative Harbor)