Friday, July 1, 2022

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Transparent

The first day of each month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo. Take a look at how other members of the group are interpreting the theme by clicking right here.

Today is also Canada Day- and a happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians. I thought it appropriate for the theme day to feature a national landmark, particularly since glass is heavily involved in some modifications done in recent years. The National Arts Centre is a legacy of the centennial year in 1967, opened up in 1969 and home ever since to performance spaces for music, theatre, and more. Its namesake orchestra is the heart of the organization. 

The NAC was built in the brutalist style, which was in vogue at the time. Not so much these days. A number of years ago the decision was put forward to expand space with glass wrapping around portions of the structure, softening the harshness of the brutalist style. It was a wise decision, as these areas provide extra performance and event spaces, along with views out onto the surroundings. Coming out of the original part of the building as seen below, we see the expanded area beyond the doors and windows.

Close by, one of the spiral staircases in the original portion. These include skylights above, illuminating these crystal spirals that descend through the space- translucent in their own right.

But it's the expansion that I was headed for, and back I went.

The NAC is along one shore of the final stretch of the Rideau Canal as it heads towards the locks that bring it down towards the Ottawa River.

On the far shore are other landmarks: the Chateau Laurier hotel and the government conference centre. The pattern of three lines imprinted on these windows are part of the NAC logo.

Moving a bit further to the east, a small performance stage is set up.

And further along, this view takes in the Canal itself, with the Ottawa Convention Centre, also called the Shaw Centre, on the opposite shore.

Back I went the way I'd come, wanting to head up the stairs towards the glass lantern. I stopped to take another shot of the Chateau, with Plaza Bridge also featuring in the shot. The bridge is the last one to span the Canal.

Upstairs where the lantern can be found, one of the spaces was being prepped for a private function.

And into the lantern itself, with a fine weave in the glass, which illuminates the lantern as a whole. Across the street, the distinctive architecture of the Chambers buildings, the grounds of the War Memorial at right, and the Peace Tower of Parliament Hill in the background. I suspect given the items in the neighbouring space and the chairs set up in this space, that a wedding was being set up for the following day.


  1. Love the crystal spirals. Happy Canada day.

  2. Fabulous selections of transparency.

  3. Happy Canada Day, William. I see the idiots and malcontents are about to descend on Ottawa again. I hope that they do not disrupt the celebrations for others.

  4. Lovely views of the museum. I like those crystal spirals. Happy Canada Day! Take care, enjoy your day!

  5. ...the crystal spirals are spectacular, enjoy your special day, William.

  6. Such a perfect location for the NAC.

  7. Happy Canada Day, William! 🇨🇦

  8. Wonderful pictures! Happy transparent Canada Day!

  9. Happy Canada Day!
    Those multi pane windows are impressive

  10. Happy Canada Day and you have posted all beautiful pictures in celebration!

  11. Good one for the theme. Have a Happy Canada Day! Stay safe.

  12. Excellent examples for the theme. Have a Happy Canada Day!

  13. @fun60: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Gemel: I thought so.

    @anvilcloud: indeed.

    @David: I'm about to go downtown and find out.

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    @Tom: I hope so.

  14. @Marie: it is.

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    @Maywyn: I agree.

    @Magiceye: it's a good day to bea Canadian.

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    @Bill: I hope so.

  15. Well done with the theme!
    (ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

  16. Es muy buena la luz de las fotografías de interiores y muy bellas las imágenes del exterior.
    Feliz fin de semana.

  17. Too bad that all these venues can only be in Ottawa . The West feels like a different country.

    1. In some ways the country is too big. But national institutions belong in a capital. At least the NAC orchestra can and does travel.

  18. A wonderful tour of a lovely building.

  19. It's a very spacious modern building.

  20. What lovely photos it’s quite the building and perfect for our July theme!

  21. Good choices for theme day.