Thursday, June 30, 2022

Perspectives From The City Art Gallery

 Starting where I left off yesterday in the OAG, a ring of Muskoka chairs complements the art.

Louis Muhlstock painted Morning Light Laurentian's Isola in 1955.

The city has a substantial collection of A.Y. Jackson paintings; Jackson of course was another member of the Group of Seven.

Fitzroy Harbour is the large painting at left. Two more of his paintings are at right. Near Perth dates to 1961, while Water's Edge, Duhamel, Quebec is from 1968.

Jackson's friendship with the Firestone family results in the large city collection of Jackson and other Group painters. The family's collection was given to the city. These are Jackson's snowshoes, along with one of his field art kits.

Illumination Series, Fortune is a 2021 work by Don Kwan.

Three photographs by Kwan are here, with his lantern motif.

This is an arrangement by Kwan, featuring classic Canadiana with Chinese yoke-back chairs. The chairs flank a handmade oak table and a painting of the Group. A.Y. Jackson painted Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park around 1963

Back outside, a view of the other primary entrance of the OAG.

And two shots of the old courthouse that is now home to Arts Court.


  1. That reminds me... I should visit the AGO soon.

  2. The Muhlstock painting, the sunlight is beautiful. Nice photos of the exhibits

  3. The chairs look like an art piece themselves.

  4. The Group of Seven continues to inspire Canadians and their work gains greater international acclaim every day. The American actor, Steve Martin, is one of their greatest boosters.

  5. Serán muy bellas las sillas, pero para mejor comodidad, las prefiero con un asiento más alto.
    Muy bella la fachada, del antiguo edificio de los juzgados.

  6. ...this is an art gallery that I would enjoy visiting.

  7. I like the chairs especially - and the fact that you are allowed to take pics.

  8. Hello,
    The art work is beautiful, I love all the landscapes. Great exhibit. Take care, have a happy day!

  9. The paintings of A.Y. Jackson are favorite today.

  10. Those chairs are a brilliant idea!

  11. @Catarina: good idea.

    @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Stefan: they are.

    @Sandi: I agree.

    @David: well said.

  12. @Ventana: thanks.

    @Tom: no doubt.

    @Iris: some galleries do not allow it.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Jan: they're great.

    @Marie: definitely.

  13. The displays in the gallery are so well done, William.

  14. Beautifully captures, especially the Muskoka chairs!

  15. The G7 is always good to see IMO.

  16. I like those yoke-backed chairs.

  17. The chairs win here for me.

  18. William - I don't know much about A.Y. Jackson, but I liked the use of light in the paintings you showed us.

  19. Great artifacts of your wonderful country

  20. @RedPat: they are.

    @Magiceye: thanks

    @Anvilcloud: I agree.

    @Sharon: I do too.

    @Bill: indeed.

    @Maywyn: thanks.

    @Happyone: me too.

    @Joanne: as do I.

    @Gemel: thanks!

    @Angie: he was a great artist.

    @Cloudia: thank you.