Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Autumn Views At Rideau Hall

If you want to see what things are like here at present, check out my photos from yesterday at my Facebook page. We had snow on the ground; as I'm in the midst of a series here, I thought I'd post them there instead. 

I have more fall views from around Rideau Hall today, including the mansion. If you've missed the previous series, click on Rideau Hall among the tags below, as I photographed inside the place during my previous visit.

As I mentioned in my previous series on Rideau Hall, many of the trees here are the result of ceremonial plantings by dignitaries. I felt obliged to apologize to this sugar maple for my reaction when I saw the plaque at its base.

I blurted out, "the prince of darkness!" Hey, it's not the tree's fault that it was planted by someone as vile and evil as the Dark Lord Vladimir, Dread Seventh Baron of  Mordor, second cousin to Snidley Whiplash, and alumni of the House of Slytherin.

Look closely at this last one. A black squirrel was running about on the lawn. Cute but devious.


  1. I have enjoyed this series. You'll be having tourists there in droves if they see these :)

  2. I see the devious little turd, William!

    Fine shots, most enjoyable

    Warm ALOHA,

  3. beautiful trees. snidley whiplash - thanks for the laugh.

  4. Haha! You do have a wicked sense of humour William :) poor innocent little tree :)

  5. Ottawa, with all these trees and buildings ... must be marvellous.


  6. Beautiful and colourful trees! I spotted the black squirrel! Have a great day!

  7. That yellow tree in the second shot is amazing.

  8. Marvellous fall colours in Ottawa this year !

  9. You'll have to retake these photos when the fountain is frozen. It seems so strange to see a black squirrel. We don't have them around here.


  10. Sounds like it's time to start snapping snow photos.

  11. Lots of beauty in these photos. Lots of beauty in your city. I wonder what it would be like to have snow on the ground?

  12. For some reason, when I was looking at your 5th photo, I thought of St. Joseph's Oratory here in Montreal, Have you ever been there, William? Nice series. :)

  13. I like these much, much better than the s*** photos!

  14. More gorgeous autumn shots. I love those trees!

  15. With all the various plantings this becomes very attractive in the fall. Now they could use a little repaving. It also makes me think about Trudeau and the new cabinet walking up to Rideau Hall.

  16. cool water feature. have a warm day. so cold here in VA. frost every where. ( :

  17. @Denise: thank you!

    @Cloudia: he was busier rummaging about for fallen nuts.

    @Tex: I don't think Vladimir would appreciate my opinion of him!

    @Grace: it's actually a rather pretty tree, all told.

    @Tomas: it is!

    @Nancy: thanks!

    @Janey: it really stood out to me.

    @Hilary: thank you!

    @Whisk: it was about time.

  18. @Karl: it was a good season for the colours.

    @Janis: they're quite common here. I will come back up this way in the winter- I want to photograph the grounds that time of year.

    @Sharon: I'm not photographing too much at present- trying to get through a backlog of photos, but I'm doing a bit of photography here and there.

    @Lowell: snow in Florida would be problematic! What we've got on the ground now might stay, barring a warm-up.

    @Linda: yes, I've been to the Oratory... the last time was several years back. It's a beautiful structure!

    @Norma: but snow is a good thing!

    @Halcyon: thank you!

    @Red: if anything, the fall colours at the Hall were even stronger on that day. I think the drive ought to be repaved in the spring- it's a testament to the havoc winter plays with paving here!

    @Beth: it's cold today, relatively speaking. Not February cold, but November cold. Below freezing, so the snow we've got isn't going anywhere.

  19. When we lived in Illinois we had a beautiful yellow ash tree in the fall, but the amount of leaves on it was incredible. The good thing was that the leaves were large, so a bit easier to rake up than some smaller ones.

  20. Love all the views and colours in your last posts. Just wonderful!

  21. Looks pretty with colours and or snow , Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  22. Fall is so much nicer than winter will be! ;-))

  23. @Jackie: it is!

    @VP: that they were.

    @Linda: that would be a good deal easier.

    @Jose: thank you!

    @Country Gal: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: ah, but winter's a wonderful thing!

    @Marleen: thank you.

  24. Beautiful yellow in that second photo.

  25. All very nice William but I think the first one is my favourite....

  26. Another pretty fountain! What a gorgeous place!
    I'm guessing you're not disappointed to have that dusting of snow on the ground. It looks like you're getting a running start on winter.

  27. More beautiful shots William. I like the sunlight in that first one!

  28. Pretty scenes! I imagine your colors have now faded.

  29. @Revrunner: thanks!

    @Geoff: it's a good one.

    @Mari: it's been completely replaced now.

    @Kay: oh, I love the winter!

    @Lois: thank you!

    @Linda: colours here are gone in October.

    @Jennifer: thank you.