Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Outlooks On The River

I have some more views of the area around Hog's Back Falls today.

Taking leave of the falls, here's one more view of Mooney's Bay. 

Here on the west side of the bay is where the Rideau Canal breaks away from the Rideau River for its last stretch.

And passing over the bridge takes us past this building, which houses the Rideau Canoe Club, based here at Mooney's Bay.


  1. Nice shots !
    You're the guy more punctual in the world. I always find your writing in the mornings.
    Thanks you.


  2. What a gorgeous place! It must be nice to just go there and sit :^)

  3. Those are such beautiful photos. I really love the view of Mooney's Bay. So peaceful and gorgeous! And it must be really lovely to walk around Hog's Back Falls area :-)

  4. really nice. i don't tire of them as they're very different views to what i see here.

  5. Very lovely. I lived in the area I would want to be there often!

  6. This place is a real treasure! I feel the same way as EG...

  7. The falls are running strong William, you must have had a good bit of rain lately? Lovely light in this series of images, love fifth shot.

  8. Interesting light and topic in the last series of photos. The falls are a very complicated piece of landscape.

  9. Nice views, even better with the waning light...

  10. That falls area is quite beautiful.

  11. @Whisk: thank you!

    @Tomas: you're welcome.

    @Tamera: it is, yes. Fortunately they've got some nicely placed benches with views of the river.

    @Tamago: that it is!

    @Tex: I wonder what it was like before the building of the dam. The falls actually exist because of the dam- this was more a place of rapids before Colonel By came along and set up operations, so this spot has been quite altered by the hand of man.

    @EG: I can imagine it's a favourite spot for many.

    @Lowell: it is a treasure!

    @Norma: that's true!

    @Grace: not particularly- the flow of the falls are pretty well regulated by the dam.

    @Red: it is. A lot of the geology here's quite unique to the area. The rock here is a mix of limestone and dolostone, but this also involves a faultline in the formation of this ravine.

    @Stuart: you're welcome.

    @VP: thank you!

  12. A gorgeous place for a walk !

  13. Beautiful photos and area. Any idea as to why it's called Hog's Back?

  14. P-r-e-t-t-y fancy canoe club. Makes me think there's something else going on there than just a couple of canoeists swapping stories. :-)

  15. What a gorgeous place! Love the long shadows on the bay. What type of boat is that, it reminds me of an old time pirate ship only a lot smaller... lol

  16. Lovely series, especially the first several photos, William! I love the water and the tree where the leaves are beginning to change colour is awesome!

  17. That is such a lovely area, William!

  18. @Sharon: I've always thought so.

    @Karl: it is!

    @Pamela: when the area was first settled, one of the locals thought the ridge in the channel resembled the backbone of a pig, hence the name.

    @Revrunner: it's quite spacious, but then if one has a good sized membership, they can build something like this.

    @Tammie: it is quite a river. I've got another post from downstream in a few days, with a very different subject matter!

    @Anita: it wasn't there when I arrived. It does have the look of a pirate boat!

    @Ciel: I will definitely have to come back here to photograph in the winter.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @RedPat: I agree!

    @Marleen: it definitely is.

  19. love the name. gorgeous falls. i bet it was relaxing to hear & visit. ( :

  20. Your photos capture this beautifully. It's a lovely area.

  21. Those are amazing falls! I don't think I've ever seen so much sedementary rock in a landscape before. It's truly gorgeous!

  22. What beautiful scenes. Please feel free to show more!

  23. Love the first picture William, great composition and perspective...

  24. I love the dark blue of the water at this time of year!

  25. Your photos capture both the energy and the stillness of these lovely waters. Delightful reflections.

  26. @Beth: it is.

    @Denise: I agree.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Kay: thanks!

    @Halcyon: I should get down there in winter!

    @Geoff: thanks!

    @Linda: I think so.

    @Jennifer: so do I.

    @Gemma: thanks!