Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall For 500, Alex

I am starting with the fall colours here in Ottawa, which were at their peak in early October for the most part.

On campus at the University of Ottawa, I stopped one day to take some photos.

This is their alumni hall, which has been refurbished and restored, and named after one of the university's alumni: Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, who fortunately did not have to phrase his remarks in the form of a question when he attended the unveiling.


  1. Hahahaha. You made me laugh at the end of this post.

  2. laughing at your alex comment. :) nice fencery!

  3. Very collegiate

    Warm ALOHA,


  4. I especially love your 3rd, 4th and 5th photos, William!

  5. Fall was very nice with beautiful coloured trees this year here too.

  6. What is the relationship between Ottawa and Alex Trebek?

    Love the post!


  7. Very nice. I do like the looks of the University! I didn't know Trebek was from Canada.

  8. No place like Canada and close parts of the US, especially the NE, for fall colors. I like Alex Trebek and love Jeopardy.

  9. Fall is such a beautiful and colourful season, William.

  10. This is a lovely flashback of our October past.

  11. I was hoping we would see some Ottawa autumn colours William. Goodness the university buildings are very attractive aren't they!

  12. ha, you are funny! beautiful colors :)

  13. You have a good idea to show us fall pictures this late in the season. It lulls us into thinking present conditions are not that severe.

  14. @Whisk: thanks!

    @Tex: it seemed quite appropriate!

    @Cloudia: the campus is quite a mix of modern architecture and classical... the large building in this shot is one of the older ones, Tabaret Hall, if I've got my spelling right.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Marianne: it was quite late here.

    @Janis: since it's his alma mater, I think he was pleased by the recognition.

    @Lowell: Oh, yes, I think he's taken American citizenship, but he was born and grew up in Canada.

  15. @Pat: I rarely get to see it anymore, but I am good at phrasing my answers in the form of a question!

    @Karl: it certainly is.

    @EG: things look different now.

    @Grace: I've got a good many to come... still putting posts together! I might be doing nothing else but fall colours for the rest of the month.

    @Tanya: thank you!

    @Sharon: so do I.

    @Red: I had such a backlog of other photos that I've put these off. I doubt I'll be photographing much of anything, aside from an upcoming theme day, for a month.

  16. I have no idea who Alex Trebek is...

    1. He's the host of a game show. He likes to act better than everyone... which is easy when you have all the questions and the answers!

  17. There's nothing like an Ontario fall! But ugh... Alex Trebek. He's such a pompous rump!

  18. The sun shines beautifully in Ottawa in October. :)

  19. Lovely scenes. Beautiful mix of autumn colours, sunlight and long shadows.

  20. Superb building and oh I can't wait for more colours now that the leaves have all fallen here!

  21. gorgeous fall colors & old homes are too awesome!! ( :

  22. I haven't seen Jeopardy in ages! I always specialized in the Final Jeopardy - have more time to think of the answer!

  23. I love the fall colors. Just wish it didn't mean the coming cold :)

  24. Always enjoy those Fall colors, and your photos :)

  25. You're reminding me of a brilliant red maple near my house. Every time I pass it now, I think I should stop and photograph it.

  26. It seems to be a bumper year for fall colours William..

  27. @VP: added a link into the text this morning! I wondered if some wouldn't know him.

    @Halcyon: not a fan, I take it?

    @Nancy: thanks!

    @Mariusz: we got quite a lot of sun this October.

    @Gemma: and much more to come.

    @Ciel: if only I can get them all organized!

    @Beth: thank you!

    @RedPat: I was always pretty good at answering them.

    @Meradeth: but cold is a wonderful thing!

    @Denise: thanks!

    @Revrunner: here they're pretty much all down now.

    @Geoff: it was, yes.

  28. Great colors and you will no doubt soon be showing us snow.

  29. Good closing. Love the fall colors.

  30. I like Trebek. He gives back.
    Hooray U of O! (1981!) Where does the time go?