Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vibrant Colours Of An Ottawa Autumn

A mix of fall colour shots today. These first shots are from the Dundonald Park area.

This school, Glebe Collegiate, is a high school in the Glebe. The trees and the ivy were looking quite bright in fall colours one day.

Down at the Museum of Nature, some fall colours could be found behind this mama and baby dinosaur.

I walked late one afternoon along Echo Drive, a quiet residential street close to the Rideau Canal.

This Anglican church, the Church of the Ascension, is on Echo Drive.


  1. Vibrant indeed and another great selection of photos today.

  2. It is difficult to find out which is the most beautiful, very well William !.


  3. Awesome colours. Love everyone of them. The last pic looks so serene.

  4. These are all gorgeous! (Love the dinos.)

  5. I am really enjoying this Autumn series, William, and, being a fellow winter lover like yourself, I am so looking forward to your Winter series, too! :)

  6. We really do have awesome autumn colours!

  7. There are so many beautifully coloured trees over there to photograph!

  8. I'm enjoying these vibrant colors. The show is over here.

  9. The trees in this area are just brilliant.

  10. Brilliant colors. This makes for a very colorful city.

  11. @Denise: thank you!

    @Tomas: thanks.

    @Marianne: we do, yes.

    @Nancy: that's what I thought too.

    @Norma: chance brought me by them one day, but I do enjoy photographing those two.

    @Linda: I'm looking forward to the snow!

    @Stefan: thank you!

  12. @Jackie: that we do.

    @Jose: we do have a lot.

    @VP: it seemed appropriate.

    @Stuart: it's over here too.

    @Sharon: they were!

    @Red: it does, yes.

    @Marleen: so did I. I photographed in that park several times over the fall season, but the leaves on the ground was my favourite from that location.

  13. Fine, autumn pics, William. I love how the adult dinosaur appears to be breathing the fire of the brilliant colours behind it.

  14. You certainly have a plethora of glorious color in the fall in Ottawa. Won't find that here, for sure.

  15. You found some great locations William, I like the look of echo drive and that very realistic 'mum and baby' sculpture

  16. Gorgeous colors. I loved that carpet of leaves and the red ivy on the wall.

  17. i love dinos. wish they still lived in our lands. wouldn't that be awesome!! ( :

  18. So pretty! I especially like your second shot. The colors are beautiful and the trees look so delicate.

  19. Ottowa is awash with glorious colour, beautiful images William.

  20. Great to see the autumn colours overhere.
    Because I wasn't fit enough for walks I've missed a lot of it overhere this year.

  21. Thanks for reminding us of how gorgeous last fall was!

  22. I love the autumn colors and the dinosaurs too.

  23. @Hilary: it does look like that.

    @Lowell: we're lucky.

    @Geoff: I don't photograph that mother and baby dinosaur pair as often as the mammoths.

    @Revrunner: definitely!

    @Mari: so do I.

    @Whisk: I do too.

  24. @Beth: we wouldn't exist if they hadn't all died off!

    @Kay: thank you.

    @Grace: thanks!

    @Jan: we tend to get good autumns.

    @EC: you're welcome.

    @Linda: I do too.