Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Trampoline Trio

Spring Action Trampoline is the name given to a trio from Ottawa, high flyers on the trampoline. I caught them on several occasions during the festival. Here are some takes from two different performances. I have more from them before I'm done.


  1. All that concrete would keep me from doing that.

  2. I'm with Pat. More than one on a trampoline is more than one too many!


  3. When I was a kid, I was a gymnast. But I never liked the trampoline. I don't mind watching people use it, but I didn't like the lack of control and how one minor bad move could create one major disaster. It takes a lot of skill. Hmmm. Maybe that's what I lacked? :)

  4. looks like fun. i guess you should not eat before hand, though? giggles. ( :

  5. I wouldn't want to miss this show. Have a lovely day!

  6. Takes a lot of skill to perform on a trampoline and I'm afraid I don't have it, never did :) Enjoy your day William!

  7. @Cloudia: very much so.

    @Pat: that would be a problem.

    @Janis: and yet they did it effortlessly.

    @Lowell: hah!

    @Beth: definitely not.

    @Nancy: thanks!

  8. Doesn't look as spectacular as Olympic trampoline!

  9. They have lots of action along with great chatter.

  10. Is this the Buskers in town? I seen this in Kingston long time ago. Apparently they are in travels all over the world.
    Hubby and I enjoyed the shows of many for a week when in Kingston. Ontario. So many different performances. I may have named it wrong and spelled it wrong. Please correct me.

  11. It looks like fun....a a great spectator sport.

  12. @Bill: I'd be out of my element.

    @Halcyon: one of the trio has done this at the Olympics!

    @Red: they do, yes.

    @Carolann: odds are some of the buskers show up in Kingston. Festivals are rather fluid through the year, and they travel from place to place and get booked up months in advance.

    @Janey: it's a lot of fun to watch.

    @Sharon: it is!

  13. Would be great to watch. The trampoline isn't all that big by the way!

  14. I discovered you need a strong pelvic floor for the trampoline, when my granddaughter persuaded me to have a little bounce!

  15. Trampoline acrobats are very impressive.

  16. It looks like the crowd was small enough that you could see everything easily!

  17. @Marleen: no, but big enough for their act.

    @Jennifer: I have, but it's been years.

    @Norma: they are.

    @Linda: yes indeed.

    @Jenny: that doesn't surprise me.

    @Denise: they are indeed.

    @RedPat: looks can be deceiving. I tended to go for spots where there might be enough of a gap- such as everyone before me sitting instead of standing- to take photos. These acts tended to really draw in the crowds, especially as they went on.

  18. The orange jumpsuit somehow seems so very appropriate. :-)

  19. Bouncing around on that thing with two other people? Too far out of control for my taste. But it looks like it was fun to watch, which is the point.

  20. @Tex: it is.

    @Mari: they know what they're doing.

    @Revrunner: indeed!

    @Kay: that's true!

    @Linda: it was.