Monday, August 15, 2016

Museum Viewpoints

I'm still here at the Bytown Museum for some of the festivities on Colonel By Day. These photographs from the 19th century show Parliament Hill as it was in the day- complete with the old Victoria Tower that was part of the original Centre Block, destroyed in the 1916 fire, which is referenced in the panel that follows.

Outside the Museum, there were display panels on various locations along the Rideau Canal, both here in the city and further up the course at a place called Jones' Falls.

There was a large tent shelter here as well, with tables set up from many different local history groups, societies, and organizations. I spent time here chatting with numerous people and looking at displays.

That dinosaur costume I showed when I started this series was, at this point, hung up for a rest, but made for an interesting photograph.

These are two more of the numerous people dressed in period clothing that day, engaged in conversation.

A view across the Canal takes in the 100th Regiment of Foot, again doing a demonstration, while Colonel By's statue looks down from above.

I liked this shot, with people perched on the top of the wall where the Canal meets the Ottawa River. Close by, a bagpiper was playing, and highland dancers were performing.

I close off this series with boaters making their way through the Canal. Tomorrow I'm starting another series, with an event that was taking place on the same weekend: the buskers festival.


  1. Looks like a nices day, I like the ladies in costume!

  2. The stone wall looks so strong and seems to have endured the decades, century? Can't wait to see the photos of the buskers.


  3. That's one funny-looking dinosaur!

  4. I like the people dressed in the period clothing. And the bagpipers and dancers. Can't stand bagpipes, but it looks like everyone's having a great time! :)

  5. The viewpoints topic makes you take a special look at articles in the museum and the museums location in the community. the people in period costume add life to the museum displays and catch your eye and ear.

  6. @Linda: thanks!

    @Marianne: it was a very good day.

    @Janis: going on near a couple of centuries, since it was there when the canal was finished. It stands out well against the natural rock face beyond it.

    @Norma: oh, yes!

    @Lowell: bagpipes are a good thing!

    @Sharon: it's much more pleasant than the real ones!

    @Red: they really do bring out quite a lot of people in period clothing for this event.

  7. Quite an interesting place to visit. Nice dragon. Water always captures my attention.

  8. i enjoy the water wall & the dino costume. neat-O!!! ( :

  9. What fun events. I'm looking fwd to the busker festival

  10. I like the picture from where Canal meets Ottawa River, with poeple on the top of the wall, too! Though, it's a bit scary considering the height...! The period clothing those ladies are wearing is very pretty!

  11. You had an interesting trip into the past!

  12. Nice series William. I kind of like that dinosaur just leaning over and taking a break from all the festivities.

  13. i am going to have to come back and check out the whole series, looks interesting! those people are making me nervous hanging off the edge like that!

  14. Fascinating stuff William, yesterday and today. I love old photographs one of the sad things about digital people rarely bother to print their pictures....

  15. Those ladies wouldn't survive down here in the Lower 48, not in those get ups. :-)

  16. @Linda: thanks!

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Mo: it was a fun festival this year.

    @Tamago: it is quite a height up. You could break a leg, or worse, if you fell.

    @Marleen: I always enjoy this particular day in this spot. There's so much going on.

    @Bill: even dinosaurs need a break.

    @RedPat: it's a focal point for that day.

    @Tanya: I do occasionally wonder about fencing it off, but that might be a problem aesthetically speaking.

    @Geoff: that's true. My photos are all backed up in cyberspace.

    @Revrunner: oh, no!

  17. Colorful dinosaur! Wonder how that would have blended in all the floral.

  18. Ah! So it was a bone in the dinosaur's mouth! (It looked a little like a dinosaur-sized cigarette but it didn't make sense.) You really got around!

  19. Nice job of documenting! I like the colorful scenes the best.

  20. Wow interesting. I like the Highland dancers.