Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Cemetery And MosaiCanada

I am wrapping up this excursion into Gatineau with today's post. While the islands that occupy the space between the channels of the Gatineau River and Leamy Lake are mostly occupied by Leamy Lake Park, not all of this area is. The woodland of the park can be seen in the background here, but Notre Dame Cemetery takes up part of the area.

Heading back towards the Alexandra Bridge to return into Ottawa, I stopped in once again to see MosaiCanada (a reminder to those in the area that the exhibition closes in a few days). These views were from the property line of Jacques Cartier Park, giving different perspectives of the Mother Earth topiary sculpture that is a real highlight of the event. I have attended the event several times now, and am planning on attending once or twice more. I will have another series in detail of MosaiCanada down the line, after the exhibition is done. 


  1. So cool your love for Ottawa to post photos daily.
    Canada pride!

  2. /this looks like a place that I'd like to visit.

  3. I wold love to see those last two places in person!


  4. Hello, wonderful day and images. The topiary is beautiful. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. @Jennifer: thank you.

    @Tom: cemeteries are peaceful.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Janis: I have enjoyed visiting MosaiCanada.

    @Eileen: I will likely do another series on it in November.

  6. The Notre Dame cemetery looks beautifully tended, a lot of cemeteries aren't. The Mother Earth topiary is fabulous William.

  7. You've always got some very interesting events happening in Ottawa.

  8. The topiary are a wonderland park, beautiful.
    The way the gravestones are arranged back to back is interesting, as if they are comforting each other.

  9. That's a well kept cemetry, and I love the sunlight in the last shot.

  10. @Grace: it certainly looked well tended to me.

    @Jennifer: this one is a pleasant one.

    @Jackie: I liked this one.

    @Red: and I went to yet another one last night. The lighting of the Chaudiere Falls was amazing.

    @Maywyn: I like that too.

    @Jan: so do I.

  11. Lovely photos ~ very beautiful country ~ love that small stone building ~

    A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. It is a beautiful cemetery. Very well maintained.

  13. A vast but very carefully tended cemetery.
    The MosaiCanada displays are just fantastic.

  14. That has to be the straightest lines of tombstones I've ever seen at a cemetery. And, that stone arch made me think of the cemetery I walked through in London when I was there last year.

  15. That´s a large cemetery! It looks very neat.

  16. That is a huge cemetery! Looking forward to more pics of the topiary!

  17. Looks like an interesting cemetery.
    As do the last two photos. So many wonderful things to see.

  18. @Carol: I expect it must be a working shed for the property.

    @Lois: definitely well cared for.

    @Christine: I've thoroughly enjoyed that event each time I've visited.

    @Sharon: albeit not in French!

    @Marleen: it does indeed.

    @Revrunner: an apt term.

    @RedPat: it'll be after the end of the month before I feature it. I took photos the last time I was there, and I'm planning on doing more of that tomorrow when I go over. Possibly one more visit, depending on what tomorrow's weather conditions are like.

    @Tammie: we've had a lot going on here this year.

  19. Just seeing that topiary sculpture would do it for me. Amazing and beautiful.

  20. The cemetery is well cared for. I find them to be a nice and pleasant place to walk through or even sit on a bench. A great place to reflect. Nice photos William.

  21. It is so refreshing to see this lovely cemetery, so beautiful, calm and well maintained! Thank you so much for sharing, William.

  22. Reminds me of the old cemeteries in the Midwest of the U. S. I'll look forward to the topiary photos.

  23. There are some very nice gravestones in this cemetery. Most of them look rather fancy as gravestones go. And the MosaiCanada continues to look amazing.

  24. Nice cemetery! Some of our national cemeteries here look a bit like that.

  25. It's nice to see all the big gravestones at the cemetery. Here the trend is now to have many of the grave markers flat on the ground to make the graveyard look 'natural' and for ease of maintenance (you can drive the lawn mower tractors right over the graves. Unfortunately, I think the markers will slowly sink into the earth and be lost.

    The topiary sculptures look amazing!

  26. Lovely day for pictures at cemetery. Mosaic Canada is wonderful.

  27. I only go to cemeteries when I have to.

  28. @Lowell: thanks!

    @Bill: thank you.

    @Linda: you're welcome.

    @Mari: it's the first time I've been to that cemetery. It may be awhile before I get over that way again.

    @Kay: I agree on all points.

    @Linda: I really have to return to Beechwood sometime and photograph there.

    @Wendy: thank you!

    @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Klara: I think so.

    @Norma: I like them.