Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Kontinuum was a major multimedia show that took place over the summer in what will be an LRT station next year in the downtown core. It was a light and music show, free to the public, bringing you through the underground station. I visited on a number of occasions, especially towards the end of its run. Moment Factory, the production company that put this together, is presently part of Miwate, the event that's lighting up the Chaudiere Falls in the evenings through early November. The visit started with scanning yourself, an image that would be incorporated into the show.

Then the path went past a series of quotes on journeys, travel, and light.

There was a point where you chose one of two paths. On one visit, I caught this woman just about to step into one such path.

On this path, lights shone down from above, and stepping into them would trigger dancing lights and music.

A room beyond featured a display of geometric shapes, lines, and colours over a period of three minutes or so.


  1. I like your third shot. This was clearly something worth returning to.

  2. Something which we don't have here. Have a great day!

  3. That's fantastic, and looks like a lot of fun. Neat photographs

  4. @Kay: I enjoyed each visit.

    @Nancy: thanks!

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Marianne: it was.

    @Janis: me too.

    @Maywyn: it was fun.

  5. Easier to understand than the TV show with a similar name!

  6. Oh wow, this is mind boggling!

  7. Hello, the light show looks like fun. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  8. Must be a wonderful experience, I think.

  9. Oh what a splendid bright series!

  10. Looks like so much fun William, you got some super shots of this event.

  11. I can almost hear the music. I think light shows and loud music are for you...the younger crowd!

  12. Highly technical and eye catching.

  13. @Stefan: I didn't know there was a series!

    @Jo: it was quite a delight to experience.

    @Eileen: it certainly was.

    @Jan: definitely!

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Grace: thank you.

    @Linda: indeed!

    @Janey: I got a kick out of attending this.

    @Red: most certainly.

  14. It does look fun!
    Bet you enjoyed it ...

    All the best Jan

  15. Gorgeous header, William. Like the idea of this show!

  16. What a great event! Love the shot of the woman choosing her path!

  17. I would like to have experienced that.

  18. Looks like a lot of fun. But what I think is so wonderful is that many of these shows are free to the public! And I just realized there's a person coming out of the woods in your header photo! :)

  19. She must have chosen well since she stepped into the "light". :-)

  20. It must be like one of the old time fun houses they had at fairs only a million time better!

  21. Looks like an amazing multimedia show, William, and I can imagine how difficult it is to take photos in such an exhibit. personally, I would be having too much fun experiencing it.

  22. @Jan: I did.

    @Lauren: so did I.

    @Christine: I was glad to get that shot. Of my numerous visits, that was the only time I caught someone in the light of one of the entrances.

    @Sharon: it was quite a treat.

    @Lowell: yes, we've been lucky this year with things being open to the public like this. And yes, there is a barely noticeable fellow in that header!

    @Lois: yes it is!

    @Revrunner: her body language is what makes the shot.

    @RedPat: it was quite a thing to take in.

    @Beatrice: yes, I took a great many pics, and pared down each time from them.

  23. Looks like fun. The woman heading in to the light reminds me of the saying from Star Trek, "beam me up Scottie", :)

  24. neat-O!! very cool. i am laughing at bill's comment ... still recall a Physics teacher saying that in class when i was in high school. funny!! ( ;

  25. Still of the same opinion. Why? It does nothing for me. Now finding out the name of a rare earth mineral did have me all excited.

  26. Scanning yourself? Hmm... could be intimidating. I guess it depends. Neat pictures though.

  27. @Bill: me too!

    @Beth: I can see that.

    @Susan: I enjoyed it.

    @Mari: I think it's a matter of taste.

    @Linda: it felt very Matrix-y.

    @Norma: it was appropriate for the venue.

    @Klara: indeed!