Friday, October 6, 2017

The Church And The Waterfront

This view of the Gatineau River from the Lady Aberdeen Bridge looks south to its outlet at the Ottawa River.

Close by is this impressive Catholic church, Saint-Francois-de-Sales, standing over the river.

A view from the east shore shows us the bridge itself.

Aside from the church, there's a good sized waterfront here, with wooden boardwalks and stairs heading down towards the river. Leamy Lake Park is visible on the west shore of the Gatineau River.

The church itself dominates the location. There was a mass going on inside at the time, otherwise I'd have been able to show you the interior.

This rather large boat was moored here on the waterfront, with work going on aboard while I was here.

A final view of the Gatineau River, this looks north from the bridge as the river goes past Leamy Lake Park. I'll be wrapping up this walkabout tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful and captivating, tranquil views in your photos, William!

  2. I think it's the spire of that church that demands attention and gives the structure such glory. I do love that waterfront, too. What a grand place to relax and maybe have a picnic with friends.

  3. Hello, beautiful images and a lovely church! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. That stonework in the church is beautiful. Is it limestone?


  5. @Linda: it was a pleasant day.

    @Linda: I agree.

    @Lowell: I found this a pleasing surprise.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Janis: not sure. It could be granite. A lot of period architecture here took advantage of local material.

    @Tom: it certainly is.

  6. I agree with Lowell, the spire certainly adds that extra something to the already splendid church! Keep walking William ☺

  7. Nice and peaceful place for a church.

  8. They've had sense enough to place beautiful buildings in an attractive area.

  9. The church is impressive! I like the stonework.

  10. Beautiful sky shots and divine looking church too ~ great stonework too ~ ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. That church is a very impressive building.

  12. @Grace: I think that day I might have walked too far!

    @Klara: it is!

    @Red: true.

    @Lois: I do too.

    @Carol: it's quite typical architecture here- we've got a lot of Gothic architecture in area churches, which is a good thing.

    @Sharon: it certainly is.

  13. we always wonder when we travel why certain buildings are water front .. you would think they would want something you could earn a lot of doe from when using up prime time water front views? weird? ( ;

  14. A great photo of the church door and that panel over it is one I've seen in church windows here.

  15. @Beth: I expect that church has been there longer than such considerations were taken into advisement.

    @Revrunner: mine too. We don't see that kind of boat up in these parts often. I think it's often rented out for parties.

    @RedPat: it certainly is.

    @Marleen: many think so!

    @Christine: it does very much remind me of other churches in the area.

  16. What a wonderful looking church.

  17. That river has many fine vantage points. Some days we feel good about nice civilized countryside other days the unruly messy wilds are right for us. Hawkesbury was mentioned, thats a big waterway south of here as well, must look up the namesake.

  18. So much water. I have a hunch the church is as beautiful inside and it is outside.

  19. Another fine church. It looks like there are nice areas on the waterfront to enjoy the river.

  20. The church is built up with beautiful stones.

  21. I really enjoyed all these past posts on the journey along the river. There's so much to see along the banks of large rivers.

  22. Some lovely photos of the bridge and the church.

  23. @Cloudia: it was quite impressive to see in person.

    @Bill: I quite agree.

    @Julia: it doesn't surprise me that certain place names tend to travel all over what was the British empire.

    @Mari: it was. I wish I could have photographed inside, but there was something going on.

    @Kay: it's a well developed waterfront.

    @Jan: it is indeed.

    @Wendy: there was a lot.

    @Jack: thank you.

    @Norma: I agree!