Saturday, June 25, 2022


With summer upon us it was time to switch out my header. The new one was taken last summer at Richmond Landing on the Ottawa River, upstream from Parliament Hill. 

The Ottawa Art Gallery lies at the edge of Sandy Hill. This city gallery hosts a rotating series of exhibits. Several years ago a new home for the place was built. It was moved out of its quarters within Arts Court- to which it is still connected- and into a new building as part of an expansion partnership that also saw the building of a hotel and University of Ottawa space for their theatre program. Approaching from the west, I took these shots. The two 19th century buildings are a former courthouse and a former jail. Today the courthouse is home to Arts Court, a multi-organization artistic centre, and the former jail, the Carleton County Gaol, is a hostel. Beyond, the white cube structure is the Ottawa Art Gallery. I came for a visit a few days ago.

Approaching one of the main entrances gives us this view.

Inside, an oversized version of Algoma Landscape by Franz Johnston of the Group of Seven. The city has a good collection of the Group's work.

Across from it, a work in progress, with the soft hum of a machine in motion drawing the ear. The Life Of A Building is a work by Greta Grip and Lee Jones, a knitting machine that is steadfastly creating a textile fabric over the course of the year, based on the presence and interaction of visitors.

Upstairs I went to one of the gallery spaces. Here was an unusual work, a commentary in three dimensions by Yinka Shonibare. Mr. And Mrs. Andrews Without Their Heads is a 1998 work that reinterprets a painting by Thomas Gainsbourough that resides in the National Gallery in London.

Here's the original.

And here's the reinterpretation, done in full size- just without the heads. Odd, but it works.


  1. The headless art was a bit surprising.

  2. A nice integration of the older and newer buildings.

  3. ...Ottawa has a wonderful collection of buildings, blending the old with the new.

  4. Looks like a beautiful day with blue sky and white clouds. Beautiful art except without the heads.

  5. I've not been there, just to the National Gallery.

  6. Hello,
    Sounds like a great museum to visit. The headless exhibit is a little strange. Have a happy weekend!

  7. Muy buena la foto de cabecera.
    Me ha gustado tu reportaje.

  8. Without the heads does indeed work.

  9. That shimmering white building is BEAUTIFUL!

  10. It seems weird to see that headless art. I like your new header.

  11. This looks like a lovely museum. I love the Franz Johnston piece. And your new header is perfect for summer.

  12. The headless Andrews is an interesting piece.

  13. @magiceye: I thought so too.

    @Stefan: it's different.

    @Italiafinlandia: indeed.

    @unknown: it works.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Nancy: I can see it having that effect.

    @anvilcloud: this is a neat gallery.

  14. @Eileen: tomorrow's is unsettling.

    @Ventana: thank you.

    @Marie: it does for me.

    @Sandi: and it shimmers.

    @DJan: the geese made that one the ideal choice.

    @Jeanie it's a good museum.

    @Sharon: it's a creative take.

  15. Headless art, people don't need them if they don't use them. :)

  16. Header photo is awesome and the headless art does work ~ fascinating ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Interesting new header with the wide expanse of water in the front and buildings in the background.

  18. Hm. Maybe it was time. But I´ll miss the "old" header. Life goes on, I know...

  19. Enjoyed your photos of the buildings and the exhibits. We had a prison down the road aways and it was finally closed five years ago. It is now an artist's workshop, plus others. I had many years of passing by those formidable looking guard towers on our drives down south. I should go visit now that it's full of bright-colorful paintings and other artwork.

    1. I've done tours in the old hostel. There's something oppressive about the interior. Little wonder there are ghost stories.

  20. I hope you gave the knitting machine a go.

  21. Interesting, especially the knitting machine and its output.

  22. the tulips are gone. til next year. enjoyable. thanks for sharing. i always enjoy them. new header i enjoy that as well. take care on this rest of your weekend. ( ;

  23. I do like your new header photograph.
    I do think the headless exhibit is a little strange ...

    All the best Jan

  24. Headless art, quite appealing! The first two photos really pop.