Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last Refuge Of The Damned... That Is, The Senate

Another glimpse in the Senate foyer, this takes in the portrait of the Queen. Another portrait can be glimpsed in the gallery upstairs. It was Prince Phillip. Unfortunately that promenade was not part of the tour.

The ceiling in this area was certainly unique.

Here we have the entrance into the Senate. Drawing from British parliamentary tradition with their House Of Lords, the decor here has red dominating it, while green is prevalent over in the House of Commons, as I showed you some days ago.

Inside the Senate, the walls are decked out with large murals.

The senators are not elected, appointed by the government of the day as vacancies appear. It's meant to be a chamber of sober second thought. And while there are senators who do a good job- a former general named Romeo Dallaire comes to mind- in the last year or so, the Senate has been under fire for the spending habits of several senators, all but one of whom were appointed by Darth Harper.

Speeches from the throne take place here to start a new session, drawing members of parliament over from the Commons.

I must say, I do like the ceiling.


  1. The ceiling is stunning.

    Senators in France are elected but not directly. They are criticised too though some do good work :-) and at least they aren't hereditary...

  2. The Senate chamber is quite impressive and that is an amazing ceiling.

    I probably don't need to comment on the Senate in the States. Everyone probably knows by now that it's been shut down by a minority. But don't get me started.

  3. Refuge of the Damned--ha! Reminds me of a scene from "House of Cards".

  4. that ceiling is wonderful! haha "the damned" :)

  5. Romeo Dallaire is one of my heroes .Have you read "Shake Hands with the Devil"?
    Jane x

  6. It doth look very English! I like the red and green colors. Here it's red and blue. The "red" states are the "conservative" states and the "blue states" are not. Supposedly. I didn't realize your senators were not elected. That was the original plan in our system--that our senators would be appointed, but wiser heads prevailed. Sort of. We still have a whole bunch of dumb-asses beholden to the corporations and other nogoodniks that reside in our Senate. :)

  7. Ciel: I don't mind that they're appointed... well, most of them anyway.

    Stuart: politicians will be politicians.

    Revrunner: it seemed appropriate!

    Tanya: thank you.

    Jane and Chris: I have read it, saw the documentary and the movie. What he went through leading the Rwanda mission for the UN is heartbreaking.

    Lowell: term limits for a politico would be a nice way to start weeding that out.

  8. senators are appointed? wow! i loved your title. :)

  9. That ceiling really stands out.

  10. Nice photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. I wonder why so much money was spent for building such ornate housing for politicians (be they Kings, Queens or whatever) when they are supposed to be working for us. Would they build my house? MB

  12. Our friend Harper is here in Berlin today! I love all of your funny comments on Canadian politics. I am still amazed by what's going on in Toronto. Rob Ford has no shame...

  13. Lovely dignified building. Too bad politicians are all alike, most unworthy to work in such surroundings!

  14. J'adore the ornate arches William, there should be something far more cultural going on in there rather than politicians gathering oui ,

  15. I love the yellow-gold tones..

  16. Oh wow, more great photos and I love that ceiling. Thanks for all the great tours William.

  17. @Tex: I like going for odd titles.

    @Linda: it is lovely.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Country Gal: thank you!

    @MB: I doubt the current brand would...

    @Halcyon: yes, he's trying to pass himself off as a Cold Warrior Reagan style, while pursuing a policy that diplomacy is best done by throwing a temper tantrum. As for Ford, I'm expecting that massive heart attack anytime now.

    @Cheryl: it's rare to find one that's not obnoxious.

    @Grace: there ought to be!

    @Norma: there's a lot of that there.

    @Denise: you're welcome!

  18. I figure the mounties will be shutting this blog down soon! ;-))

  19. This has a lot of similarities to the Connecticut State Capital. They probably were both built in the Victorian times (maybe 1870-1890).

    1. No, this is later, but very much in keeping with Gothic architecture.