Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Lions In Winter

The last time I showed you this lion sculpture at City Hall, it was back in the fall, when he wasn't buried in snow. While I've tended to call him The Ghost And The Darkness, in winter, he's definitely Aslan of Narnia, wondering how in the world that White Witch got the better of him.

This is one of two identical lions outside an appliance parts store, of all things, in the Glebe. 

I've shown you these two lions before at one of the entrances to the post office on Sparks Street. Through the winter it's typical to find them putting up with being dusted with snow.


  1. Very noble lions, good guardians and I am sure the White Witch wouldn't dare try to pass.

  2. Oh, my husband would like those! He's always checking out lion statues. We have a pair in our yard.

  3. I did smile at your top shot and your thoughts. The snow just keeps coming, doesn't it.

  4. The Lion in the WInter was a marvellous TV series way back when I was a kid!

    It's sort of funny to see snowing in lions! :-)

  5. OK Ciel, to prove we are of different generations, I will confess that my "Lion in Winter" was the Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn movie (1968) about French King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. In any case, these lions in the snow are quite impressive. Even when covered in snow, I wouldn't mess with them ! Well captured William.

  6. Ah, so chilly and snowy! They say March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. You'll need to find some lambs to photograph and post at the end of March.

  7. From the snow on their faces and their grumpy looks, I'd say they were on the losing side of a snowball fight.

  8. oh that's funny, before i read it i was thinking he looked like aslan!

  9. Fun post and great title. In St. Augustine, Florida, there are two great lions guarding the bridge from the mainland to the island. No snow, though.

    Your comments about the cat were great and right on!

  10. I photographed two very unusual lions in Krakow this past weekend. May post them. Yours look cooooold.

  11. Denise: she would only find trouble!

    Linda: I would like to have one in a garden someday.

    Lauren: yes and. We had more last night.

    Ciel: I had no idea it had been adapted for television.

    Stuart: there is a network here that ran classic films on Saturday nights. I have seen the movie there.

    Tamera: hmmm...do I know any farms?

    Revrunner: they do look grouchy!

    Tanya: poor Aslan!

    Lowell: one would think not!

    Bibi: I would like to see them!

  12. quite fine statues! even in front of an appliance store. :)

  13. Handsome beasts...and love Ghost and The Darkness movie...I worked with the offspring of the lion star!
    Jane x

  14. Aslan will once again over come the evil of the White Witch.

  15. I also was thinking of the Movie with Peter O'Toole. There are many Lions in your winter. Brrrr! MB

  16. @Jose: thank you!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Tex: I suspect at some point many years ago it was a different kind of business.

    @Norma: they certainly are.

    @Jane and Chris: I do love that movie, and quite an opportunity to work with a lion!

    @Mari: Aslan just has the advantage.

    @MB: we have lions in lots of odd places here...

  17. Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!

    Of them all, the lion looks most noble IMO!

  18. Gorgeous lions here, great series!

  19. Lots of gorgeous lions in your photos. Makes me think of all the winged lions I saw in Italy. They are everywhere.

  20. You certainly find some interesting things for us. Love all these lions!

  21. Love your wintry lions! And that you found so many of them for this posting! (Feeding freshmen to minotaurs is not a bad idea:)

  22. @Cheryl: it's the stoic thing. At least til someone steps on their tail.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Sharon: one just has to start looking for them.

    @Halcyon: I like them too. It adds character to a city.

    @LondonLulu: I passed by a couple more this morning I've never photographed!

    @Linda: thanks!

  23. The top lion is really lying low!

  24. Dramatic! I thought we've had a cold winter but it's nothing compared to this scene.

  25. William, the lions look quite comfortable and regal in the snow. I am sure that you may be looking for warmer weather...


  26. I love these lions! Aslan is right!

  27. @Jack: he'll be happy for a good thaw!

    @Bob: it's been a typical winter for us.

    @Genie: I'm actually happy with winter!

    @Gerald: they'll have to be patient.

    @Jennifer: all we need is Liam Neeson's voice.