Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Royal Flush Beats Your Four Of A Kind

It's been a long time since I've played poker.

Moving away from the Library, the tour took us through corridors towards the Senate. I liked the look of this corridor.

Not to mention this staircase.

The foyer outside the Senate is circled with portraits of royalty, representing the kings and queens since Confederation. It starts with this portrait of Queen Victoria. The guide told us that if there would ever be another fire in the building, staff would remove this- it's that valuable.

Followed by King Edward VII. Ah, if only I'd thought of getting the whole frame in...

And King George V. If there was a portrait of Edward VIII, I didn't notice it, but given that he was king for such a short time before he ran off and married Mrs. Simpson, I doubt it.

Across the foyer were portraits of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Another take on the subject shows the upper floor above their portraits.

Tomorrow we'll be stepping inside the Senate. Fortunately Senator Duffy was not around. Only Canadians will understand that one.


  1. I absolutely love the corridor in that first photo!

  2. hearing the interviews about the new book on The Duff has been interesting.
    that is a rather nice portrait of a younger Queen Victoria.

  3. That floor is so shiny! Lol about Edward, I don't think he'll mind, he's busy chasing women somewhere! :-)

  4. From your title I thought we were going to get a tour of the royal WC. Note that I'm not disappointed. It was an interesting walk through the corridors.

  5. Whoever cleans this place does one heck of a job! All sparkly and shiny. I like the somber majesty of it all, but the portraits leave me cold. I dunno Duffy but I know we have a lot of politicians who should have been hung rather than framed, so maybe it's the same with The Duff!

  6. oh that architecture! i used to play poker with my grandpa :)

  7. Senator Mike Duffy did cause a bit of scandal it seems and his explanations about claimed expenses were rather interesting.

  8. @Linda: thanks,

    @Hamilton: we so often think of her as the aged grandmother that we overlook the young Victoria.

    @Ciel: yes, he did have that habit!

    @Stuart: I'm pretty sure I couldn't access that!

    @Lowell: he's under fire at the moment for expense misclaims and lies.

    @Tanya: A good person to learn the game from, no doubt.

    @Beatrice: Oh, yes, and if he were still a journalist, he'd be blasting away at a politician offering those kind of excuses.

  9. Pity. Duffy would have made a great bowling ball to roll along that corridor.
    Jane x

  10. I haven't played poker in a while, but I made good money at it in my college days.

  11. Estupendo reporteje...un saludo desde Murcia...

  12. I strikes me that there must be thousands of portraits of royalty located in places around the world.

  13. @Jane and Chris: there's a lovely visual.

    @Luis: quite so!

    @Norma: it's been quite a long while for me.

    @Alp: thanks!

    @Tex: so do I.

    @Sharon: oh, no doubt.

  14. There's a lot of beauty in that wonderful building.
    Thanks for refreshing some historical persons and their relations with Canada for me, a lot of it was gone over the years ...

  15. I also doubt Edward VIII would be here since he was never officially crowned. I bet you Canadians and the English are glad about that!

  16. That corridor and staircase are stunning! Wish my floors shined like that:) Your photos make me want to visit Ottawa!

  17. I see someone just wrote what I was going to about the missing George VIII. That building is magnificent.

  18. I particularly like the mysterious upper chambers.

  19. I'm enjoying this tour! Nice shots!

  20. This looks absolutely amazing. I'd love to see this lot!

  21. @Krisztina: thank you!

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Jan: it is quite a wonder.

    @Cheryl: that is true.

    @Kathy: thanks!

    @Mari: it is.

    @Petrea: they're pleasant to the eye.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Mike: you'd enjoy it.