Friday, March 28, 2014

Luxurious Furnishings And One Shadowy Gargoyle

Still in the Senate today. The senators are from the Conservative or Liberal parties (with the odd independent from time to time), as those have been the parties governing the country and appointing senators. Recently, however, the Liberal leader did something unexpected in an effort to depoliticize the Senate: he removed the status of Liberal senators as Liberals, so they're all independents now. Darth Harper was not amused. Granted, he never is.

The desks in the central portion are used by clerks and staffers during sessions.

I want that desk. Do you suppose anyone would miss it?

A good senator's chair would do nicely too, while we're at it.

The woodworking in here is just as intricate as the woodwork elsewhere. This stands above the entrance.

It includes a clock at the top.

And in the shadows of the woodworking, a gargoyle is lurking. One wonders how many senators have passed beneath its gaze.


  1. Very nice, William! I love that clock!

  2. I like the clock too! That gargoyle looks appropriately creepy.

  3. I wonder if it sometimes frightens them :-)! I don't suppose it does.

    You're right, desk and chair would be pretty nice to have!

  4. I love that wood carving. Can't imagine how long it must have taken to make it.

  5. Nice to see the old furnishing and decoration of your parliament. It's big differnce with our parliament that's got a much more modern furnishing.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend, William.

  6. Hope the clock works and that speakers pay attention to it. ;-)

  7. such intricate details...just beautiful...nah, i don't think they'd notice ;)

  8. Linda: it did draw my eye!

    Linda: I always can appreciate a good gargoyle.

    Ciel: getting them out of there might pose a problem

    Stuart: whoever did it did wonderful work.

    Jan: I do prefer the old fashioned style.

    Revrunner: I think some senators might be too busy having a nap.

    Tanya: I will have to take my chances.

  9. All very cool, but I have a weakness for gargoyles.

  10. The seats of power doth commend themselves to the big fat ... well, you know, of the partisans present. I am afraid, however, that you may have to be appointed in one form or another in order to get one. Unless, you snuck in there at night and stole one. The seats of power doth also surround themselves with consummate and intricate luxury. So much so, in fact, that those big fat you know whats sitting in them may be inclined to forget the rest of us peons. You think? :)

  11. The craftsmanship in all those carvings is amazing. I do love that gargoyle and am fascinated when I see them. Great photos William and thanks for the wonderful tour. I have enjoyed all your posts on this beautiful building.

  12. Gargoyle or politician...hard to tell, sometimes.
    Jane x

  13. One of those chairs would like in most any office.

  14. ooh, the gargoyle is freaky! and the woodwork is grandiose!

  15. @Luis: thanks!

    @Bibi: so do I!

    @Lowell: I'd have to enlist Ocean's Eleven to pull it off.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Jane and Chris: Gargoyles are far less obnoxious.

    @Sharon: indeed!

    @Tex: it certainly is.

  16. Oooh, I like that gargoyle and the clock!

  17. The craftsmanship from days past is incredible, William!

  18. Wonderful carvings! Yes, go ahead and take that desk, William. Also the chair. I give you permission.

  19. That Gargoyle hears and sees all - it's probably full of secrets. The woodworking is amazing! I'd take that clock over one of the desks!

  20. Perhaps one of these days the senate will be disbanded. So many scandals over the past few years..

  21. Once more the carvings are spectacular!

  22. Beautiful rooms, I'm really happy you show these!

  23. Love the gargoyle! And that definitely looks like a really nice desk and chair set--much nicer than mine!

  24. I love your political comments. I have a feeling we share a few of the same views.

    The Senate Chambers are truly handsome. If only ALL the men and woman who work there were worthy of it.

  25. @Krisztina: a good gargoyle is always quite welcome.

    @RedPat: it is!

    @Cheryl: I'm sure the Mounties would understand!

    @Carla: the clock's very appealing!

    @Norma: they've got such character to them, every time I see one.

    @Halcyon: at the very least, there are changes needed.

    @Jose: thank you!

    @Karl: my pleasure.

    @Meradeth: they're built to last too.

    @EG: there are a few, but they seem few and far between.

  26. The woodwork is amazing. I love the gargoyle. It's not freaky.