Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Usual Suspects

The portraits of former Prime Ministers continue down the corridor from the Commons towards Confederation Hall. Two portraits are below, depicting John Diefenbaker and Pierre Trudeau.

This one is Kim Campbell, who was PM for what felt like five minutes in the early nineties. The government at the time this was unveiled could have gone with the other portrait of Kim, but that one might have shocked the Sisters Of Little Or No Mercy.

And Brian Mulroney is across the hall from Kim, as always armed with a smug look. The man used it so often that he could have patented the Mulroney Smirk.

Before moving on, I'll just show some shots from around Confederation Hall. These windows are down towards the main entrance into Centre Block.

While these carvings are on pillars at the edge of Confederation Hall.


  1. I had to smile about your comment on Kim Campbell...and yes, it did feel like five minutes! I especially love the first photo!

  2. Great commentary. I like that you included Kim's "other portrait". :)

  3. An actual hall of fame. I remember Pierre Trudeau well, but Kim Campbell not so much. In fact I had to Google her to get your allusion to the "other portrait" of her. By today's standards, that photo is pretty tame.

  4. This post just made me realize that I know nothing about Canadian politics. Things always seem so quiet up there.

    Love those tall windows!

  5. You know, I've come to think that in a democracy it's the people who should be commemorated not the leaders.

  6. Those windows must throw a lot of the light on the subjects below, even the smirk.

  7. Linda: she didn't have a distinguished tenure...

    Halcyon: I figured why not...

    Stuart: quite so but at the time there was quite a commotion at the time.

    Hilda: these days the government thinks temper tantrums are good diplomacy.

    Revrunner: that would be nice.

    Birdman: it is a well lit building throughout.

  8. The windows and the carvings are spectacular. Ms. Campbell ain't so bad herself. That picture is not a problem. The Little Sisters need to get a life! Your opinion of politicians merges rather well with mine! :)

  9. Enjoying your tour of the Parliament Buildings. Haven't been there for years. Carvings are amazing.

  10. The carvings are really beautiful. Nice Christmas trees too!

  11. Kim's other portrait would have livened the place up a bit.
    Jane x

  12. Canada has beautiful landscapes AND beautiful buildings!

  13. enjoying your commentary. i liked the 'other one'. :)

  14. From what I've seen of it here, this must be a wonderful building.
    From Canadian poloitics and politicians I know nothing, it's difficult enough to follow the Dutch politicians, because some are quite off track ... :-(

  15. There are lots of beautiful details inside this building.

  16. @Lowell: I've never thought the other pic was a problem, mind you!

    @Furry Gnome: they are indeed!

    @Ciel: they had quite a few of them in there.

    @Jane and Chris: it might have given a few prudish MPs a heart attack.

    @Norma: yes indeed!

    @Tex: I figured I ought to leave a link for it!

    @Jan: from time to time Dutch politics makes it over here.

    @Sharon: they certainly did fine work in here.

  17. It would be funny to see that other portrait of Kim hanging there! At least there is a woman included in the bunch. I hope to see a female president here in the US before I die!

  18. Wonderful windows! Like a great cathedral!

  19. Nice windows and carvings! Don't know about the portraits.

  20. I clicked on the other portrait. It is a lovely and unexpected photograph. It should be on display, though maybe not here.

  21. @Lois: and someday soon there'll be another woman in the prime minister's post.

    @Linda: that it is.

    @Cheryl: thanks!

    @RedPat: that's a question now relevant with a fall election, though I think the Liberals will carry another term.

    @Barbara: that they are.

    @Jack: in a portrait gallery!