Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Revenge Of The Zombie Ice Hogs

Winterlude even has mascots. The Ice Hogs (yes, they look like bears, not hogs) travel in pairs through various venues throughout the three weekends. Here in Confederation Park, I chanced upon two of them.

No, I have no idea who the fellow is beside the second Ice Hog.

Tomorrow we'll be going over to the Quebec side of the Ottawa River to check out a children's winter playground...


  1. At least the ice hog is warmly dressed!

  2. I'd say the Bear looks big enough to be a Hog. haha!! MB

  3. These characters certainly brighten up what looks like a cold dull day :).

  4. They are rather sweet but are you sure they look like bears? :-)

  5. They're cute, but definitely don't look like hogs--maybe mice or chipmunks. I know there has to be an interesting story behind why they are called Ice Hogs.

  6. Yep, if I had to wear a costume like that, I'd want to walk about in pairs, too. :-)

  7. Looks like y'all really enjoy winter! Here...not so much!

  8. Hamilton: warmly dressed is essential!

    MB: they have had some extra dinners!

    Lauren: they do draw a lot of attention.

    Ciel: only now hours after posting this do I realize what the hog reference is for. Groundhogs.

    Elaine: I wonder why it didn't occur to me earlier.

    Revrunner: safety in numbers!

    Gill: I can definitely see the munk influences.

    RamblingRound: it is a way of life here.

  9. I run a mile when I see mascots...creepy dudes, the lot of them.
    Jane x

  10. Are they somebody's "fun" idea of a groundhog at a celebration of ice?

  11. ice bear impersonating a hog or the other way around. :)

  12. I hope it's toasty warm inside that suit!

  13. Yeah, I'd say they look more like groundhogs.

  14. Hello bears!
    Funny how seeing someone in a silly costume cheers us.

  15. @Jose: that seems to be the usual reaction!

    @Jane and Chris: I remember having that reaction with the Big Bad Wolf.

    @EG: I would think so.

    @Tanya: yes, the kids do!

    @Merisi: I remember once seeing six of them piling out of a van.

    @Tex: it's up for interpretation!

    @Sharon: I would think it is.

    @Stuart: I wonder why that didn't occur to me...

    @Linda: it brought out a smile in me.

  16. They're cute!

    That title sounds like a really cheesy B-movie!

  17. They do look like bears! Or guinea pigs. Or chipmunks.

    Not hogs, but they're cute!

  18. I wonder where the idea of icehogs came from? THey are pretty cute, if you ask me!

  19. They must be toasty in those outfits!

  20. Those type of costumes always creep me out. You never know who is behind the mask.

  21. Whatever they are, they are absolutely cute mascots.

  22. @Bibi: it must be.

    @Norma: that's what I was going for with the title!

    @Cheryl: most would agree with you!

    @Halcyon: whoever came up with it, it's a good idea.

    @RedPat: no problem staying warm in those things.

    @Krisztina: that can be a problem, yes.

    @Jan: much better than the Sochi mascots.

    @Parsnip: that seems to be the majority view!

  23. Love this, William! Very cute!

  24. Cute photos! I hope the hogs are warm in there.

  25. Looks FUN and COLD where you are:)

  26. @Linda: thanks!

    @Denise: they'd better be!

    @Luis: most people agree!

    @Gunn: it's both!