Sunday, April 27, 2014

Church Of Our Lady Immaculate

The Church Of Our Lady Immaculate stands atop the highest hill in Guelph. The Catholic church is in the Gothic style, built in the latter half of the 19th Century. It is the third church to stand on the site since the town was founded in the early part of that century, and to this day it still dominates the downtown. There are over a hundred steps from the street below to the entry doors. I took this shot of the Church and the Virgin on my way up one day in December. The building to the right now houses a local history museum.

The front facade and entrance are typical of the architectural style, and meant to impress.

Inside the entrance can be found this crucifix sculpture.

More from inside the sanctuary in the next two days. I will be posting this to Inspired Sunday at some point today. In the meantime, check that page for other places with a religious theme. It's a weekly theme.


  1. How beautiful! I love the architectural details.

  2. It's a magnificent church!

    My cousin has gone back home so I have time again to go blog-hopping! Missed it!

  3. Looks like a magnificent Church, outside and inside!

  4. I cannot imagine climbing 100 steps this morning, but I must say this is a magnificent building!

  5. superbe et j adore la premiere photo,merci du partage et bon dimanche

  6. Linda: so did I!

    Hilda: the architectural style suits the location.

    Karl: it surely is.

    Le regard: merci! That first shot really pleased me with how it turned out.

    EG: fortunately there is a parking lot by the church!

    Luis: thanks!

    Jane: that happens!

    Tex: I think so!

  7. I am loathe to enter churches these days, I still admire their architecture! Great photos.

  8. A must to enlarge these shots. Fantastic images!

  9. Love a good Cathedral image on a Sunday.

    Please change your banner to flowers or something.
    That ice is keeping me depressed!

  10. A beautiful church with a classical design, I am wondering if the place of Guelph has anything to do, even remotely, with Guelphs and Ghibellines...

  11. Great architecture. These are beautiful photo's, William.

  12. Magnificent architecture! Wonderful photos and I especially like how you composed the shot in the first photo.

  13. @Norma: it is.

    @Jennifer: thank you!

    @Lauren: thanks!

    @Birdman: It seemed entirely appropriate! And I know the image I want to replace the header, but I have to wait til the Canal is filled for the season!

    @VP: I'll have to look into that...

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Denise: I was pleased by how it turned out.

  14. I work in Guelph and this church never fails to amaze me. You've captured it well!

  15. Mission accomplished. It certainly does impress !

  16. So beautiful and good exercise on the way up those 100 steps. That climb would be a good time for meditation.

  17. @RedPat: I think so!

    @Carla: thanks!

    @Stuart: I remember growing up, going into Guelph to visit my grandparents, and occasionally seeing this church at a distance.

    @Cheryl: that appears to be the consensus.

    @Barbara: I was happy that pic turned out so well.

    @Judy: it was very good exercise!

  18. wow, i really enjoy your first 2 shots the mostest (if that is a word, ha, ha!!) ... the angles & lighting. what a beauty. i wish to say welcome to InSPIREd Sunday, i'm Beth. glad to have ya. have a nice weekend! ( :

  19. Lovely shots. Interesting that it's the third church on the site. Other denominations, or a series of Catholic churches?

  20. Nice! Looks like a lovely church.

  21. That's a cracking opening shot. You certainly have some wonderful buildings in Ottawa.

  22. Stunning detail shots William, I am such a fan of arches in all their situations, am loving your last image!

  23. That's an impressive church. I specially like the wonderful sculptures on the front facade.

  24. The site atop a high point, and the architectural style, are all designed to inspire the flock. Mission accomplished!

  25. The entranceway is absolutely gorgeous!

  26. I felt like I was virtually wandering around Europe than Canada. Not an architectural style I was expecting at all. That's why I love blogging. You never know what's you'll find

  27. I do enjoy a good Gothic church. The attention to details always amazes me. Thanks for sharing.

  28. @Mari: quite so.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Kay: Catholic churches.

    @Linda: it is.

    @Mike: thanks!

  29. @Grace: thank you!

    @Jan: it is a great setting.

    @Jack: definitely.

    @Jose: indeed.

    @Jane: that's true.

    @Sally: you're welcome.