Monday, April 21, 2014

On The Alexandria Bridge

The Alexandria is a pleasant stroll (well, not in the rain). Here on the way back into Ottawa, the steel of the bridge offers good ways to frame pics.

Looking at these, it occurs to me that I could have easily used some of these bridge angles for the triangle theme this month.

Nepean Point is here at the Ottawa side of the bridge. I framed the statue of Champlain within the steelwork.

And from around here, I took one more glance back at Gatineau and the Museum in the twilight.

Coming back into Ottawa in the early evening along this bridge is something I never tire of. The lights of the Chateau Laurier and Parliament Hill greet us. 


  1. I love the lights in your photos!!!

  2. I love the morning in these shots.


  3. That last shot is great! And you're right, lots of triangles here.

  4. I smiled when I read that you could have used this bridge for the April CDP theme Day. I can't believe how many triangles I have seen since April 1st. ;))

  5. linda: thanks!

    Cloudia: thank you!

    Tamera: that theme really opened the eyes ro seeing them everywhere.

    Revrunner: quite so!

    EG: it is peculiar how many you find when you start looking.

    Jennifer: so do I, and Ottawa and Gatineau have such a rich variety of them.

  6. Nice geometry going on!
    To me, cities are often defined by their bridges.

  7. that sunrise shot stole the show. :)

  8. i like all those twinkling lights!

  9. What a super walk William, enjoyed very much!

  10. Interesting compositions. Triangles for sure LOL

  11. I like that there is a place to walk on the bridge. So many bridges lack a walkway.

  12. I like that kind of steel constructions, as a photographer you can play endless with them. The shot of the sunset is a beauty again.

  13. I am a huge fan of bridges. And this one by it's self is indeed wonderful. Then you get all the views from it that makes it even better.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. Yes, that would have been perfect for triangles, the bridge is a photographer's heaven and I love how you framed the statue.

  15. You get such open views from the bridge!

  16. A great series of beautiful images!

  17. Structures like this always do well on photo's. Great captures.

  18. @Linda: this one is one of our larger ones.

    @Jose: thank you!

    @Tex: the light works nicely.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Tanya: so did I!

    @Grace: thanks!

    @MB: triangles in triangles!

    @Sharon: indeed!

  19. @Judy: the walkway's just as wide as the traffic lanes, so there's so much space.

    @Jan: indeed, the next bridge to the east doesn't have this kind of structure at all.

    @Parsnip: thanks!

    @Ciel: I have a great fondness for that statue.

    @RedPat: it's a beautiful spot to shoot from in any season.

    @VP: thank you!

    @Marleen: thanks!

  20. Very nice shots - great angles! How nice that there's walking space for people on the bridge. Most have small walkways, if any, for people - and it's no fun to be close to traffic.

  21. Definitely have triangles in these! I really like the view from the bridge, too!

  22. Nice bridge! I like the walkway too and the view is wonderful.

  23. One of the great advantages of having a river run through your town are the bridges.

  24. Okay...does it ever NOT snow there?

  25. I am STILL amazed at the amount of snow you have around now. Alexander Bridge looks an amazing structure too.

    I am doing a little catching up on your blog. You certainly include plenty of content, William, in your daily posts. Great shots too!

  26. The bridge seems to have an exceptionally broad pedestrian walkway. The people of Ottawa are very fortunate to have this amenity.

  27. @Kay: it is a good addition, and for my experience on the right side of the bridge.

    @Cheryl: so do I.

    @Lois: I agree.

    @Inna: it is, yes.

    @Hamilton: and we have our share.

    @Norma: snow is a good thing.

    @Lauren: thank you!

    @Jack: yes, it's about the size of car lanes of traffic.