Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is filled with totem poles, First Nations art, and sculptural work.

This Hall is often used for official functions, including state dinners. 

The stage gives enough space for speakers at such functions. During visiting hours, the Hall is often busy, but not so much so that one can't get in some good photography.

The totem poles are of varying sizes.

I have more from the Hall tomorrow.


  1. Some objects seem comfy in a museum. These seem to want to be outside. The soaring space is almost as suitable.

    I especially like the totem poles.

  2. The totem poles are very cool.

  3. Love the totem poles. I have a small totem that was given to me by my Mother several years ago. It is not my special totem but I love it. It is Kolus Bear. Kolus was the younger brother of the great Thunderbird. His wings are out stretched and he is sitting atop a grizzly bear. It was made by Native Americans in Bellingham. Thnks for showing the /first Nations art. MB

  4. Those totem poles are fascinating.

  5. I like very much the variety of all these totem poles!

  6. A gallery I would enjoy visiting

  7. Makes we wonder in what senses we may still be "tribal" here in the U.S. now.

  8. Part of me thinks these should be in B.C. They are magnificent.

  9. Petrea: they do get a good deal of natural light in here!

    Linda: I've always thought so.

    MB: I have one as well.

    Stuart: indeed!

    VP: each of them are different.

    Mo: it is a pleasure to present it to you.

    Revrunner: perhaps more than we know.

    Ciel: I would like to see some in an original setting

  10. I appreciate seeing the First Nations art and artifacts.

  11. Wonderful pieces. Do you know has this hall been used for movies? I recently watched a movie and this looks very familiar. The name of the movie escapes me right now, but it supposedly takes place in the Pacific Northwest.

  12. These poles tell wonderful stories.

  13. Those totem poles are very impressive.

  14. I think what impresses me the most is the amount of art work, but also the variety! Just beautiful!

  15. @Luis: thanks!

    @EG: this is a lovely setting for them too.

    @Barbara: I don't know, but I'll look about and see if I can find out.

    @Tex: I think so!

    @Birdman: they certainly do.

    @Jan: indeed!

    @Lowell: it's such a rich collection here.

  16. «Louis» was certain that the figure in that first image was his former father-in-law...

  17. What a gorgeous hallway. I love all the windows. I think I like the architecture more than I like the exhibit.

  18. That last pole is particularly wonderful, William!

  19. It looks like a great exhibition space; totem poles aren't necessarily easy to show. It's interesting to be able to compare the various styles of art on the poles. They can be quite distinctly different. And it's wonderful to learn about the stories they tell. Great shots!

  20. I really need to visit Ottawa, it's been years!

  21. I can just imagine what a state dinner would look like in the hall. Beyond beautiful.
    The first photo is wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip

  22. @Tanya: it fits the bill!

    @Louis: that could be.

    @Krisztina: the architect really did wonders with this museum.

    @RedPat: and more of that to come!

    @Norma: so do I!

    @Kay: these ones are quite different from each other, too.

    @Jackie: you should remedy that!

    @Parsnip: thanks!

  23. Another place I would love to wander all day long.

  24. Love this grand hall. It seems to me to be a good compromise for showcasing these magnificent totem poles.

  25. A fantastic exhibit William, I wish I could see it for myself.

  26. Beautiful totems and other art. Your photos are very good.

  27. I would like to see some large, authentic totem poles some day. At American tourist places I have visited, they seemed like small mimicry of the real things.

  28. William, I didn't know you had this awesome blog with all this beautiful Native Indian artwork! This is right up my alley, as we have so much Pacific Coast Native Indian culture, here in Western Washington State. I would love to visit this museum!

  29. @Mari: you'd enjoy it.

    @Hamilton: it certainly is.

    @Denise: this is a place you'd love.

    @Inna: I agree.

    @Gerald: that there are.

    @Pat: thank you.

    @Cheryl: they are.

    @Jack: these are the real deal.

    @Anonymous: thank you.