Friday, June 13, 2014

A Leopard

Today I'm finishing up the series from the Day of Honour. One of the other vehicles present on the Hill that day was this Leopard tank, parked in a prominent position. It was the object of much interest, and when you compare it to the size of people around it, you appreciate its size.

I came back a little while later, during the official ceremonies, and other vehicles had lined up with the Leopard. The crowds had grown around the various vehicles, including the tank.

I didn't see it as I was taking the pic, but somehow the moment of contact between the soldier and the woman at ground level gives this shot a grounded, human quality. I like it.

Tomorrow we get ourselves started with Doors Open.


  1. Excellent captures of the leopard tank, William!

  2. Excellent post. I enjoy seeing these tools of peace. Yay Canada!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Good shots. The one with the woman shaking the soldier's hand was particularly opportune. It never ceases to amaze me how BIG tanks are (and other bits of military hardware, come to that). Scary things, with a kind of beauty about them too? I liked Cloudia's comment!

  4. I'm not too sure I would call them tools of peace but then perhaps peace always comes with a price...

  5. These are tools of war not peace. They kill people.

  6. Nice to see the people around. I'm really looking forward to Doors Open. That was one of my favorite times of year in Toronto!

  7. That's quite impressive so close, but I still don't like it.
    No offense meant, William. :-)

  8. i enjoy the tanks. but i was staring at all the awesome architecture behind there. neat to my eyes. ( :

    the hubby love "Little Shop of Horrors". one of favorite movies. that's the movie with the talking venus fly trap? too hilarious!! have a nice weekend.

  9. @Linda: thanks!

    @Cloudia: that would be a different way of looking at things!

    @Mike: in this case they are huge.

    @Ciel: it does.

    @Mo: I knew this series would bring out some interesting comments.

    @Halcyon: I think the concept is a wonderful one.

    @Jan: none taken!

    @Beth: the architecture always appeals to me. And I am sure dentists don't care for how they are depicted in that movie!

  10. I'm not one for war, but I find these vehicles fascinating. We have a training base up the road here, the old Meaford tank Range, and the people involved there give it all a human quality.

  11. The last shot reminds me of the photos of the liberation of Paris.
    Jane x

  12. i do like that last shot. bless them.

  13. Huge machine! Those things make me uneasy.

  14. I'm trying to picture what it must have looked like with all that weaponry rolling into the park. If one didn't know what was going on it could be very frightening.

  15. Great photos! That is certainly huge!!

  16. @Norma: Hulk would be an appropriate name!

    @Furry Gnome: Meaford's a lovely area in the province. I haven't been there in a long while.

    @Sharon: that's the purpose, of course.

    @EG: it definitely is.

    @Jane and Chris: It reminds me of that too.

    @Tex: interesting how a shot like that just makes itself.

    @Linda: I can see that effect.

    @Judy: yes, that could be a problem if one had no idea about it.

    @Luis: thank you.

    @Jackie: they don't go for small with a tank!

  17. Sad that we have a need for these vehicles.

  18. Gosh imagine trying to control one of these things! I like that shot too William, sometimes you see and hear of soldiers in war areas doing the most wonderful things with the locals and you realize that they really are just young men and women in extraordinary circumstances.

  19. Some very interesting shots, I have never seen a 'beast' like this up close!

  20. it's nice to see them interacting with the civilians!

  21. I really like that you call this day the Day of Honour... It speaks volumes of the meaning of the day.

  22. Oh, dear. Flashback! These shots unexpectedly took me back to memories of the great displays of Soviet Union tanks in big parades they staged during the Cold War. I'm glad there were Canadian flags in the background; maybe it was the grey skies and classic buildings.

  23. @RedPat: there's no shortage of troubles in the world, after all.

    @Grace: driving one of these things would be a showstopper...

    @VP: our War Museum has a good number of various tanks and vehicles.

    @Tanya: yes, it is.

    @Chieftess: if only the PM actually meant it...

    @Kay: I can see that. It was a pretty rainy day, which made the difference.

  24. I also think that this exhibition it was fun and interesting event.
    Remember it through your photos.

  25. I imagine this kind of event would make some great story fodder!

  26. Big tank! Last picture is great!