Thursday, June 19, 2014

Contrasting Sanctuaries

Today we have two very different sanctuaries, both participating in Doors Open again this year. The Christian Science sect has this church downtown. It dates back to 1913, and was designed in a Classic Italian style.

The organ is down at front, sunken into the floor at the base of the pulpit.

A few blocks west stands the Church of St. Barnabas, of the Anglican denomination. It combines Byzantine and Romanesque influences, and dates back to 1931.

The baptismal chapel is just off the sanctuary.

The church is a mix of styles, with iconography that you might expect in an Orthodox church set against a more austere backdrop. Here we have the high altar.

This icon definitely reminds me of Orthodox work.

A Nativity painting can also be found here. I rather liked the look of it.


  1. Great series, William. I love the angle of the pews in that church.

  2. A sect in an amphitheatre? Good grief... It's surprising to see modern tryptichs on altars, I really like the Anglican building though.

  3. Very interesting, although the theologies of each church is as different as their design. MB

  4. I like both of them. So glad you are able to take us on this tour!

  5. I like the icons and paintings in the second church!

  6. @Linda: it is different.

    @Ciel: I do prefer the Anglican church as well.

    @MB: radically different!

    @Halcyon: it is a pleasure to do so.

    @Karl: so did I.

    @Revrunner: it is a feature I don't see in many churches.

    @Hilary: thank you.

  7. it must be amazing to attend a service in either of these!

  8. The Anglican church is the more beautiful...though I like the pews in the other one. A lot of churches, mine included, have certain seating deficiencies. Or maybe it's just me. I always ended up sitting behind the tallest people in the congregation, feeling like I was trying to see a total eclipse!

  9. Two very different theological approaches and that shows in their structures. I agree re that icon - very Orthodox-looking!

  10. If you didn't say the first building was a church, I would've thought it was a government building.

  11. I really like these open house events!

  12. @Tanya: I'd be more inclined to lean towards the Anglican service.

    @Norma: my being tall would prevent that.

    @Lowell: I was surprised to find it in a Protestant church.

    @Hilda: it certainly does have that look.

    @Sharon: you're welcome.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @VP: I look forward to it each year.

  13. wow! that first place looks massive!

  14. The Christ Scientist churches all seem to have used the same architect - the one here on St George St looks very similar to that one. Love that fine brick Anglican church.

  15. I love the exterior of the Christian Science church and the interior of St. Barnabas. Nice!

  16. Nice captures! I'm surprised to see a Christian Science church that's so grand. The only one I ever visited was plain.
    Love the stained glass and the paintings.

  17. How fun to be able to step inside through your lens. Two contrasting buildings. I like them both!

  18. @Cheryl: they're very different.

    @Tex: looks can be deceiving; it's not that big!

    @RedPat: it might well have been the same architect.

    @Tamera: thank you.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Linda: this is the only one I've been in.

    @Lauren: It's a pleasure to show places like this off.

    @Kay: I think so!

  19. It is so fun to see different churches, synagogues, etc. Great contrast!

  20. Beautiful baptismal fount. Ours is plain wood topped by a cross. You should like the painting as it is a copy of one of the masters. Just don't ask me which one. My brother was the expert on that.

  21. When I think of a church building, I almost never think Italianate style. That belongs to a bank, in my mind. That said, I like the semi circular pews.

  22. The style of the triptych is so much older than the building itself. A sweet image beautifully rendered.

  23. Both beautiful in their own way William.. the second much more church like than the first from the outside.

  24. There are some interesting churches, the renos are not always in keeping with the flavour or styles. We visited one in Perth that had stuccoed all behind the sanctuary. It was terrible. The other churches (there are a million!) date back to 1816!

  25. Contrasting indeed. Love both styles.

  26. Inside, it is definitely a mix of old and new.
    Nice photos and narrative William...

  27. @Janis: that it is.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Hamilton: I agree.

    @ODP: thank you!

    @Grace: I agree.

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Jose: so do I.

    @Pat: thanks!