Friday, June 27, 2014

Armenia Immortal On The Rideau Canal

The Armenian embassy can be found close to the Rideau Canal. These first three shots were from May, when I was in the area taking pictures of tulips.

The sculpture out front bears this plaque beside it.

The sculpture itself has real character.

On my way in for Doors Open, this flowerbed on the terrace caught my eye.

The interior of the house was beautiful, warm, and inviting. It was first built in 1907, and renovations were later overseen by the architect W.E. Noffke.

Stepping back outside, this view of the Rideau Canal can be seen beyond the sculpture.

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  1. I think I could be comfortable there!

  2. The residence is very stately. I am most impressed with the Armenian memorial, esp using the word "genocide" which Turkey has been denying for years!

  3. It really is warm and inviting!

  4. The word genocide has been used in Europe for a long time now... It's a lovely location and a very nice residence!

  5. What an unusual building! Aren't lights annoying when you're taking photos?

  6. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful house!

  7. You do the same as I do in going round houses and churches. I do like some of the churches you visited paticulary the stained glass.

  8. Beautiful house, outside and inside, I could live here... :)

  9. I love looking inside houses!
    Jane x

  10. @Petrea: I certainly could!

    @Kate: and if only the Turks would simply admit that's what it was...

    @Linda: it certainly is. It was my first time inside there, though I've passed by it many times.

    @Ciel: it has such a splendid view.

    @Blois: oh, they can be!

    @Tamera: the architecture really appealed to me.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Karl: so could I.

    @Revrunner: you're welcome.

    @Jane and Chris: this one was a fine house.

  11. I wouldn't mind living there....

  12. It's a beautiful place but, that view is spectacular.

  13. lol i just asked on the facebook page what the theme was! thanks! beautiful home and wow, that sculpture is something!

  14. I am always fascinated by sculptures and this one is quite unusual!

  15. How fun to get to tour these lovely old homes!

  16. @Tex: the first time I saw it I wondered what to make of it... it wasn't til I was walking by later that I understood it.

    @Norma: cozy digs, huh?

    @Sharon: life by the Canal is enjoyable!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Tanya: you're welcome!

    @VP: but in a good way!

    @Judy: they have real personality.

    @Jose: I think so!

  17. Love the house and what a view they have from it!

  18. Lovely house. I know the Armenians wouldn't appreciate it, but the sculpture has a touch of a Soviet feel.

  19. This is a lovely house! I was surprised that there is an Armenian embassy. I didn't realize that they had a diplomatic presence in the world.

  20. I remember seeing this house of one of my trips. Nice to be able to see inside (though I always think embassies have such a stuffy feel to their inrerior decor)

  21. @RedPat: it's such a great location.

    @Greensboro: I hadn't thought of it that way, but I can see the influences.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Kay: oh, yes, it's a fully independent country these days. I imagine there's an embassy down in Washington.

    @Hamilton: there's another embassy not that far away that looks less inviting- the German embassy is behind big high fences.

  22. What a great place. Love that library. MB

  23. i like the view looking away from the home. nice!! ( :

  24. Great sculpture! How I would love to have that library. I'll settle for mine though.

  25. Their history captured in such a strong and moving way, in just a few lines. "The first nation to be crucified" is a phrase that can not be forgotten!

  26. We have a huge Armenian population in my area. Although I didn't learn about the genocide when I was growing up in Illinois, I've learned about it here from further research and Armenian friends who are working to get it taught in the schools.

  27. I'm not sure I like the sculpture but the description on the plaque is nice.

  28. I'm not in love with the sculpture, but I really love the house.
    Nice photos!

  29. @MB: so do I.

    @Beth: I do too.

    @Mari: thanks!

    @Dina: indeed.

    @Lorelei: me too.

    @Petrea: there is quite an effort to get it acknowledged, but I doubt the Turkish government ever will.

    @Hilda: the sculpture works for me.

    @Pat: it is a grand house.