Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The 9th of May was designated a Day of Honour by the government, in tribute to the veterans of the Afghan War. Our Glorious Leader (said with derision) likes to paint himself as the best friend of our military, all the while turning his back on a century of government commitment to always look after veterans, treating advocates for veterans and their families with sneering condescension, kicking PTSD affected soldiers out of the military before retirement, and appointing a career thug as Minister of Veterans Affairs. The Prime Minister, in short, treats veterans with sheer contempt. 

Rant over. Anyway, there were events on Parliament Hill that day. I was up earlier, when things were already being set up. The helicopter on the lawn is a Chinook model, a current generation heavy lift transport.

Also present on the Hill was this Howitzer field artillery.

More from this day over the next two days.


  1. Very impressive but I don't really like military things though I do know they are necessary.

  2. I love military aviation and arms. . . . and Canada has always been in the thick of the good fight.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Well these are quite the contrast to the tulip beds !

  4. Interesting to have a close look at such a huge heli.

  5. How we glorify war and it's machines! Funny, but your description of your Glorious Leader fits almost exactly my description of George W. Bushki!

  6. my Dad was in the Army. stationed in Germany. not sure of the city. he worked on planes. so any kind of planes or aircraft wise ... he is totally interested in... & past that on to me. when i heard something in the sky i get kind of curious? thanks, for sharing. neat-oooo!! ( :

  7. I so agree. I am appalled with the way they treat our vets. It is the same in the US, too. Something to do with the military 'stiff upper lip' mindset within the ranks.
    That said, I had a principal who bullied me. They first promised support, then the upper ranks closed in, and I was on my own on LTD, after she'd yelled at me in the halls, done her best to bully me, and others. The men she loved and respected. The women intimidated her. We called her the princess!
    I think ranks close.
    What Harper's excuse is, I don't know. My husband lived and voted for him in Calgary, when he was Reform Party. We have to look at where he is from: money, power, little concern for those less fortunate.
    My post on my speeding ticket (50 in a 30 km/hr zone) has gotten all sorts of obnoxious abuse. I cannot believe it!
    There was one disparaging comment, in response to yours, which I deleted. Several just plain mean ones. There are a lot of rude, arrogant newspaper readers in Surrey! The newspaper even posted a tweet with a snarky comment. I was so shocked.
    Trolls, indeed! That said, it's raised my page rank, with over 300 page views! :-)

  8. @Linda: it was huge.

    @Ciel: they are, of course.

    @Lauren: it is somethingt quite different.

    @Cloudia: you would like our War Museum.

    @Stuart: a stark contrast!

    @revrunner: that is what I thought.

    @Bieb: it is. It gives you a real sense of scale.

    @Lowell: this is the same PM who spent over a billion dollars on a summit that was essentially dedicated to glorifying himself.

    @Hilary: and more of it to come.

    @Beth: this one was fascinating to look at.

  9. I love Lowell's answer, I was thinking the same thing. Either that or our present congress....always making a big show and accomplishing nothing.

  10. I just heard that Boehner the Beast lost his favorite lap dog. Cantor lost to a Brat (the late night comics are going to have a field day with that one.

    You'll be rid of Herr Harper soon enough!

  11. amazing equipment. seems we don't treat veterans well, either.

  12. Whup whup whup......
    It seems a sad state of affairs with our military---maybe everywhere. I say thank you to our men and women!

  13. @Jennifer: Harper has a small, narrow mind... as long as he gets what's his, to hell with everyone else. He's of the Thatcherite mindset that there's no such thing as society. As for Surrey, well, they've done enough in those remarks to convince me that when I get out that way someday, I will never spend a single dollar in that place. My money can be spent elsewhere.

    @Sharon: in his case, he wants the spotlight all to himself.

    @Norma: it can't be soon enough.

    @Tanya: unfortunately!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Tex: the VA situation seems to be proof.

    @MB: so do I.

  14. Although I don't like war and things having to do with fighting, those chinooks are pretty cool!

  15. A massive machine, even more useful in peace than in war...

  16. Very impressive photos today!

  17. That's an impressive helicopter, but I prefer to see tulips and other flowers. I would say these weapons are a necessary evil.

  18. I wish it was not necessary to use them. But, unfortunately, there are individuals in the world who have their sick visions, for example, Putin.

  19. Harper *leans to side and spits*.
    Jane x

  20. I'm with Lowell and Sharon; the U.S. is affected with the same rancid politics and politicians. I recently saw a great political cartoon that said "If you can't afford to take care of your vets you can't afford to go to war." But we do. And we all pay plenty for the tools and equipment like you show above.

  21. I don't like how they treat the vets here, either.

  22. We are struggling with how to better take care of vets too.

  23. @Halcyon: it's an impressive aircraft.

    @VP: I'd imagine they're quite versatile.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Jan: unfortunately, yes.

    @Mariusz: he's definitely a problem.

    @Jane and Chris: I really can't stand him.

    @Kay: politics seems more rancid by the year.

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Whisk: it's a rare thing to find an honourable politician. One here recently left our Senate- a rare honourable man.

    @Linda: it's a problem all around.

  24. Politicians do like to align themselves with the soldiers except when it comes to healthcare, benefits and other things that don't fit into their plans!

    Nice pictures of the Chinook!

  25. Monuments make everyone feel good.

  26. All that military hardware amidst the beautiful historical buildings just seems so wrong somehow.

  27. We get Chinooks flying over our village en route to somewhere. Something heavy thundered overhead last night as a matter of fact. Interesting to see these things close up. You don't like your PM overmuch, then?

  28. I've spent more time than I wanted in earlier versions of the Chinook. Loud, hot and can carry an amazing amount of weight.

  29. @Cheryl: sufficed to say, someday when Harper ceases to waste oxygen, I'll forego the usual don't speak ill of the dead notion and say good riddance to the SOB.

    @Mari: that can be.

    @Hilda: it is strange.

    @Mike: I despised the man. I'm glad he's gone.

    @Pat: they're amazing aircraft, that I'll say.