Monday, June 2, 2014

In The Garden Of The Provinces

On a gray day after the end of the Tulip Festival, I went down to the Garden Of The Provinces. It's across from Library & Archives Canada (that building in the background in this first shot). There are flowerbeds, sculptures, fountains, and terraces here. Tulips were out and about, in a dark red and white colour scheme among the tulips on the terraces.

This view looks back onto one of two churches on the other side of the park. This is St. Peter's Lutheran Church.

This view of tulips gives us a glimpse of Christ Church Anglican beyond the treeline. Both churches will be participating in Doors Open this weekend. I'm planning on stopping in.

Down below the terraces, these tulip beds also have a variety of blooms.


  1. Very nice, William. That Lutheran church looks like a few Lutheran churches in Montreal...the architecture, I mean. Now I am wondering if all Lutheran churches have the same architecture! I am going to check! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love those deep red and white tulips together. They make a perfect combination.

  3. The tulips make everything look happy!

  4. Oh you can shoot some back-lighted stained glass!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  5. A beautiful thing always it is even though we see it a thousand times.


  6. I'm thinking about the guy was told to go out and plant all those bulbs. ;-)

  7. I love these dark red tulips. And the churches in the background look so solid and substantial. I'd stop in during the Doors Open event. I can remember when churches left their doors open all the time. :)

  8. Linda: the architectural style in a lutheran church often is undertstated.

    Sharon: they really do!

    Ciel: quite true!

    Cloudia: I will have a go at it!

    Tomas: thank you!

    Revrunner: hah!

    Lowell: they both have a lot of history.

  9. I really like those deep red tulips!

  10. The dark red and white are a beautiful combination!

  11. These are so beautiful William. Great combination.

  12. Aren't red and white the best colors, eh? ;-)

  13. I have never seen wine-colored tulips... until now! They are gorgeous!

  14. @EG: so do I!

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Lois: they work well together.

    @Tex: they're very pretty.

    @Luis: Thank you.

    @Halcyon: they surely are.

    @VP: I think so!

    @Linda: I wondered when tulip exhaustion might kick in!

  15. Quite a color scheme. William, we Lutherans tend to be understated. Stubborn, though, I'll admit.

  16. I'm enjoying your tulips so much!

  17. gosh i am so impressed you still have tulips blooming .. ours are just stems now

  18. And do they have workers come and dig up all the bulbs now that the flowers are done for the season?

  19. Neverending story tulips. I envy those views.

  20. @Mari: it's a very pleasant church inside.

    @Cheryl: thank you!

    @Daryl: I've seen them from something more of a distance in the last few days... there are still beds with blooms, which surprises me!

    @RedPat: yes, there are crews that come in once it's all done and plant flowers for the duration of the summer. This year with the blooms having been so late, it might not happen for a week or two.

    @Jackie: thank you!

    @Mariusz: they're lovely to behold.

  21. I love that beautiful color combination! I'll bet Ottawa has some workers with sore knees when it's time to plant and to dig these up...

  22. Love your tulips. We're posting irises tomorrow. So, I'm wondering, is there an iris festival in ottawa?

  23. @Kay: oh, very sore knees!

    @Siddartha: they are.

    @Greensboro: it's the only flower festival we have, but we get plenty of festivals all summer long.

    @Whisk: thank you!