Monday, July 7, 2014

The Embassy Of Croatia

Toller House was built in 1875 in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood, just up the street from Laurier House. It is named after one of its residents, an auditor general of the 1880s named Frederic Toller- also a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian, I found out on Canada Day. Today Toller House serves as the embassy for Croatia.

The home is a mix of Croatian culture and the carefully restored architectural details of a domestic Gothic Revival house. This wall of art can be found close to the entrance.

This humidifier is unique- it dates back to the 1880s, and is a customized design that still works perfectly well.

I like how bright and airy the rooms are. The first floor tends to get used more for reception space, so you're struck upon entering how little furniture is in here. The real work of the embassy gets done upstairs.

Aside from art, the walls here have mounted photographs of various places in Croatia.  Embassy staff were on hand to answer questions.

One mentioned she has been in Canada only since March. She's wondering what next winter will be like. Below, two more pics from Croatia...and who's that ne'er do well scoundrel reflected in one of them?

One last shot from inside Toller House, and it's this lovely fireplace and mirror. I'd like to see Croatia for myself someday.

And here we come to an end of my tour of Doors Open for this year in Ottawa. It's been enjoyable to show these places to you. I will be doing this again next year when the weekend rolls around, rest assured. 


  1. Lovely building, and that humidifier is so cool.

  2. Such a cool historic town. Nice self portrait. That's about the way I do them also

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. I like the colourful wall of art! The humidifier is great, though not exactly unobtrusive! I think you'd love Croatia, it's beautiful!

  4. Thanks for the Tour, it definitely has been enlightening and fun. Looking forward to next year and to what's coming up in Ottawa this summer!

  5. nice reportage William,
    thanks for sharing... I'd like to discover more than your area, so, if you don't mind I will follow you.
    have a nice week , saluti da Italian Views...

  6. A bit empty place in some rooms. they could have some furniture placed in them. But maybe they had no money left, they are a rather new republic.

  7. Ha! Canada in winter. Well, I'd be sure to warn her that she's no longer on the Adriatic Sea. ;-)

    1. I'd also tell there's a reason why the embassy staff turns over every spring. :-)

  8. i enjoy the fencing & those front windows. gorgeous view!! ( :

  9. I enjoyed this tour! I think Croatia must be a beautiful place to visit.

  10. I have no desire to travel, funnily enough. Happy to visit virtually, though.
    Lovely spots on the tours!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  11. Lovely shots William, I like the wall at the entrance with all the designs.

  12. i like the open and airy feel, too.

  13. Older buildings have the most character, I think.

  14. what a beautiful home and i really love the wall of art!

  15. What an interesting humidifier! Never quite seen one like this... with a little history too.

  16. A peculiar and interesting place: I have never seen a humidifier like that... and it is still working! The wall of art is also very nice!

  17. @Linda: I'll have to photograph the exterior in fall.

    @Cloudia: I only caught that one while putting the post together.

    @Ciel: it's on my to-visit list.

    @Halcyon: I have some museums to drop in on!

    @Massimo: thank you!

    @Bieb: well, they did say that the first floor doesn't get used for anything but reception space, so having too much furniture down there might be problematic if they have to move it often.

    @Revrunner: the first winter here is a learning experience!

  18. @Beth: it's a very distinctive looking place.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @EG: just looking at pictures of the country makes me want to visit.

    @Jennifer: thank you!

    @Luis: I could have used that for the Square theme!

    @Tex: it feels inviting in there.

    @Norma: they really do.

    @Tanya: it really catches the eye.

    @Birdman: it was built to last.

    @VP: I like the design of that humidifier.

  19. I could move in there and be quite happy! I have enjoyed this tour you have shared.

  20. I can't believe all the places you visited on this day of open buildings. You must have been moving at warp speed.

  21. That looks so amazing. I like the open airy rooms.

  22. The house is beautiful but what caught my attention was the incredible humidifier! :-) I've never seen one like this before.

  23. Well, there's one staff member booking her plane ticket!
    Jane x

  24. Gosh pretty speccy digs for the embassy hey William.. Like Jose I was intrigued by the humidifier.. proves that if something ain't broke don't fix it :). Much of the electrical goods you buy these days is of the throw away after a few years variety.

  25. @Judy: it has been a pleasure to show these places off.

    @Sharon: I didn't quite reach all the places I intended to!

    @Lady Lilith: those rooms really spoke to me.

    @Shelly: thanks!

    @Jose: I knew I'd want to photograph that.

    @Jane and Chris: she'll be shocked by how cold it gets.

    @Grace: they don't build them like that anymore.

  26. What an interesting place. I'll bet it was great to live there.

  27. Interesting post! I have enjoyed your Doors Open tour.

  28. I always look forward to Doors Open and it was wonderful to have the tour of yours!

  29. I've seen radiant heaters but nothing like that humidifier. That's certainly unique!
    How nice that there was staff on hand to answer questions. I hope your love of winter helped ease the poor woman's fears...or at least gave her a different perspective.

  30. Well, the first time didn't take. Let's try again.

    Thank you for your blog pix! All of the Doors Open places, including today's, makes me want to go see them for myself!

  31. @Stuart: It must have been.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @RedPat: it was fun taking the shots!

    @Kay: I actually have heaters like that in the flat I live in. She'll be happy to see the spring after her first winter here.

    @Cheryl: Thank you!

  32. It is possible to see the bones of the house without the clutter of furniture. I'm told (by a relative who went to Croatia) that it is a beautiful place.