Monday, July 21, 2014

Sir John A. And Sir George-Etienne

Regarding the inukshuk from yesterday, the only information I could find was that it was a commissioned work for one of the airlines that operates out of the airport and serves communities in the far northern stretches of the country.

Macdonald-Cartier International sees both domestic and international traffic operating on site. Being out of the urban limits by and large allows for a lot of space.

This was the reason I came down to the airport. Down on the arrivals floor, visitors are greeted by this pair of statues of the two men the airport is named after. Fathers Of Confederation Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Etienne Cartier look quite welcoming to the newcomer, and the sculptor has rendered them both dignified and quite relaxed. You can learn more about each man here and here.


  1. Seems like an unusual place for these gents to be hanging out, but at least they look friendly.

  2. Very Canadian to be friendly and unpretentious

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  3. Those two statues make for a great tourist picture.

  4. Air Canada planes are easy to spot!

  5. The seated gent looks like he has a cold ^_^

  6. i love the bow tie on the sculpture - not many folks can pull off a bow tie. too cute!! ( :

  7. @Linda: especially since they never lived to see an airplane!

    @Linda: I think so.

    @Cloudia: very Canadian indeed.

    @Andy: they do.

    @Norma: quite so.

    @EG: they certqainly are.

    @Debs: well, he is in a Canadian winter each year.

    @Beth: that's quite true.

  8. i bet lots of people pose with them!

  9. It's nice to have a welcoming committee.

  10. Life-size sculptures are fascinating and kind of spooky. Great photos, like always.

  11. so many beautiful things that I wouldn't expect to see in an airport.

  12. How great having these two men greeting the new arrivals. MB

  13. @Luis: it was a nice touch to put into the airport.

    @Tex: I think so!

    @Tanya: no doubt!

    @Sharon: these two make for a good welcome.

    @Eve: these ones look friendly enough.

    @Halcyon: yes, but they didn't go for historical accuracy. Sir John is missing a whiskey flask.

    @Judy: it feels quite light in that terminal.

    @MB: it feels like just the right touch for a political city.

  14. Love the way you are giving the history of your city. Such a fine overview of the airport. My husband's family dates back to those early immigrant Macdonalds. They were tough people!

  15. A perfect location for these guys!

  16. The sculptures are very well made. Nice to be welcomed by them.

  17. How nice to have such a distinguished welcoming party!

  18. Nice of the airline to commission a native! Maybe the two gentlemen are awaiting a plane behind schedule like everyone else?

  19. Thank you for your trip, you are showing us some very nice sculptures!

  20. @Greensboro: our Macdonald was a pretty tough one. Outmaneuvered Seward for the fate of Canada, in the end.

    @RedPat: they're quite the welcome wagon.

    @Marleen: it's a good welcome home for Canadians, and a nice hello for those from abroad.

    @Kay: quite distinguished!

    @Cheryl: I suspect John A would want a flight on something with an open bar.

    @VP: you're most welcome!

  21. Nice statues, but I think it is a strange placement.

  22. I was thinking I have been in that airport but ....... maybe not.
    The statues looks very familiar.

    cheers, parsnip

  23. The "statue" of the man with the curly hair looks like H.C. Andersen :)
    I like the statue. Not to formal.

  24. And again, I think of Warehouse 13.

  25. I've heard that a Canadian company (along with many others) is not flying to Israel. Very wise decision.

  26. @Mari: I like it.

    @Parsnip: some airports have that effect.

    @Gunn: they were well done.

    @Whisk: which I don't know about.

    @Jackie: so do I.

    @Jose: that doesn't surprise me.