Thursday, July 3, 2014

Within The Corridors Of City Hall

I'm returning into Doors Open posts today. City Hall and the Heritage Building were part of the festivities. The buildings are linked, and they are very different. For an earlier view of the Heritage Building, look right here. And for a view of the more modern portion of the City Hall complex, check this link.

Stepping into the main entrance of the Heritage Building, this display of local athletes who went on to big things could be found.

The Heritage Building dates back to 1875. It is designed in High Victorian style, and once served as a school. As the story goes, these halls are haunted. A teacher is thought to have left something of herself behind. Perhaps she's still trying to find that devious student that always got the better of her.

Portraits of former mayors of the city can be found in these hallways.

Up on the second floor, we come up towards the reception area for the mayor's office.

Here we have the mayor's office. Unlike the drug addled clown who likes to think he's a mayor down in Toronto, our mayor is nice, polite, and professional.

This last shot features several paintings of local landmarks by a resident artist in the city. They can be found in the modern building.


  1. Sounds like a job for Ghost Adventures.

  2. Lovely paintings, and I like the exposed brick.

  3. Oh now you've got me wondering about ghosts... Nice office and I like the city's arms against the brickwork!

  4. Impressive photos William of a very interesting look at the inside of City Hall.

  5. Not only is it a city hall but it also a place of the history.

  6. It's great that you have the opportunity to do stuff like that. And it looks an impressive place. The mayor has no PC on his desk - or is that a laptop I see on the windowsill? Nice artwork display.

  7. So nice to have a look inside, the mayors room looks very nice with the sunlight coming in.

  8. No matter how nice the mayor, I always feel like I'm visiting Dickens' imfamous Circumlocution Office whenever I'm visiting city hall.

  9. i think it is #5 - the emblem - that is so cool!! ( :
    & the hall shot where the light blurs a bit.

  10. Very cool coat of arms. Thanks for the guided tour.

  11. How wonderful to see inside City Hall! I also think the crest/coat of arms is really cool, especially since it's 3-D!

  12. @Whisk: it could be!

    @Linda: so did I!

    @Ciel: it's a unusual coat of arms.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Andy: and there's a lot of history there.

    @Stuart: thanks!

    @Mike: yes, there's a computer there on the far desk.

    @Bieb: it does get a western exposure, so it gets a good deal of sun.

    @Revrunner: hah!

    @Beth: I wasn't quite sure of that corridor shot!

    @Jose: you're welcome.

    @Halcyon: I quite liked the crest.

    1. Do you ever watch that show? We do. It's silly but
      we like to watch it. Actually, it's on right now.

      Happy Weekend.

  13. I laughed at your remark about Toronto's mayor! His "comeback" out to be interesting.

  14. Your City Hall is haunted, and ours looks haunted.

    Speaking of Rob Ford, I just saw Crack Daddy on TV!

  15. Great shot of that long corridor.
    I love that kind of ghost stories, it's not hard to imagine your hear all kind of strange echoes in that corridor, I think ... :-)

  16. Gosh, our city hall is a dump compared to yours.

  17. I like the fact that the mayor's office is not overly elaborate. I also like that hallway shot.

  18. i like the paintings exhibited! nice touch! haunting - that's pretty cool. :)

  19. City halls tend to be not so different, but your is very modern and full of light!

  20. Good mayors are always kind of dull, aren't they? They usually get the job done though!

  21. Now that is a long hall way. I like the paintings of the local area by a loca. Nice to have a polite professional for a Mayer. MB

  22. @EG: any chance to poke a stick at that insufferable prick cannot be passed up. The sooner he and his reprehensible family are removed from public life, the better.

    @Norma: I look forward to the end of the circus that is the Ford family.

    @Luis: thank you!

    @Jan: it's easy to let your imagination run wild!

    @Hilda: I do like the Heritage Building side of things particularly.

    @Sharon: it's probably different from the previous mayor, who came across as one of those masters of the universe twits. He'd have decorated the place lavishly.

    @Tex: the paintings really stand out nicely there.

    @VP: it does feel quite light in there.

    @Cheryl: ours is kind of white bread dull, but yes, that usually means he's getting the job done.

    @MB: yes, we're lucky, but as a whole, the country is still drawn by association into the mess that's down in Toronto.

  23. Nice photos and I'm glad you have a professional mayor because these offices call for the utmost in polite behavior.

  24. Nice looking building. I really like the shot of that crest.

  25. So much quieter than our city hall! ;-)

  26. I love buildings with a story. That hallway looks endless!

  27. Loved the high ceiling, but so glad I don't have to heat anything like that.

  28. @Eve: it does. If only the diehards of Toronto would see that about the idiot they're devoted to.

    @Judy: I did too.

    @RedPat: just wait til the end of October when that jackass is finally turfed from office.

    @Marleen: this building has plenty of stories.

    @Mari: it would be a challenge!

  29. Gee, sympathy for Rob Ford? Really, he just hung out with the wrong people. He's sorry now and everything's going to be ALL BETTER, isn't it?! ;--}
    I like the banner on your mayor's couch: "To A Greater Goal." Might be nice if more people kept that in mind from time to time.

  30. Dunno, Mayor seems a dirty word these days!
    I've never been, despite living in Ottawa for 25 years! Of course, until the Harris days, I lived in Nepean!