Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Going Up The Steps

A few days back I showed you the York Steps. Here they are again at late in the afternoon, during a day with different sky conditions.


  1. a nice set of steps - hope there is an alternative route though

  2. the steps would keep one fit and I like lights

  3. You have waited there for some while to see the lights go on.

  4. its amazing how different the same thing can look depending on the time of day or weather conditions

  5. Such beautiful scenery. It looks very different in the dusk from in the day time.
    With those lights on, the steps look so romantic!

  6. You said it. Lots of grey in these images of your steps.

  7. This shows that you know make very good pictures.


  8. @Norma: I like them!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Stuart: it's a good use of the space.

    @Gerald: yes, there's a roundabout walkway to one side, and another staircase to the other that features an elevator.

    @Revrunner: more ominous, I think.

    @Jen: it's a good way to stay in shape.

    @Mike: thank you!

    @Marianne: I did a few things in the area and came back once.

    @Hilary: definitely.

    @Tanya: so did I.

    @Tamago: they do have that effect.

    @Birdman: it's a different mood than the other one.

    @Tomas: thanks!

  9. looks neat.

    guess if they ever have to replace them, they'd be 'new york stairs'. ;)

  10. Nice shots, William, I like the way you followed the couple while they were climbing the stairs. I'm glad I don't have to climb them. :-)

  11. Those lights are a nice touch.

  12. A different light can almost change a place...

  13. The steps do look a bit different in this post from the last time you showed them to us.

  14. @Tex: they would be!

    @Jan: Most of the time when I'm here I'm coming down the stairs instead of going up.

    @Judy: they certainly are.

    @VP: it does here.

    @Sharon: I thought so!

    @Shelly: it would do nicely!

    @EG: it really is the skies making all the difference.

  15. It was a dark and stormy...

    I like these steps!

  16. I love the light from the sky. Nice captures, William.

  17. Lovely street lamps! How many steps?

    I'm sure you could find a way of disabling the cameras in a novel...

  18. It looks like those lights are going on earlier and earlier these days.
    Coming from San Francisco I can say I do like cities built on hills.

  19. I so love my Ottawa. Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Hubby is working on a look like yours! He hasn't had one since before our 6-yr-old granddaughter was born! I mean he still shaves his head, but he's working on a beard!

  20. @Jen: thanks!

    @Cheryl: that phrase fits.

    @RedPat: definitely!

    @Marleen: thank you.

    @Ciel: well, my final pick for the location in question suits me well. It looks like five to a side, with two bulbs a piece.

    @Kay: we've got plenty of hills here, though not quite as steep as San Francisco.

    @Jennifer: a beard's a good thing, but once shaved clear off and kept that way, the first seven weeks of growing it will be murder!

  21. There is a Russian film Броненосец «Потёмкин". There's a famous scene from the stairs.

    1. Yes, I was concerned about the movie - "Battleship Potemkin". But I did not know what the title was for the English version. I thought it would be easier to write it in Cyrillic.
      Stairs reminded me of the movie. But fortunately for your stairs is certainly not happening such events.

    2. And now as I look up the stairs, I wonder if do not drive after these steps young people on skateboards and roller?

  22. I'll bet those stairs could tell some great stories!

  23. The look ominous now; not at all inviting.

  24. It would take me awhile to get up those steps I'm afraid! Glad to see they have railings.

  25. @Mariusz: it took me a moment to get that title, but yes, Battleship Potemkin's a great movie, and I should see it again. Eisenstein was a master in filmmaking. I would say that skateboarding down this would be strictly frowned on.

    @Janis: definitely!

    @Mari: it's such a different mood.

    @Lois: the railings are a good touch on this one.

  26. Nice lines in that first shot.

  27. Love the lighting in these--definitely lends them a great atmosphere!

  28. Such a dramatic sky
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  29. @Randy: thanks!

    @Meradeth: I think so.

    @Cloudia: very much so.

    @Whisk: thanks!