Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Memory

After my post the other day, an editorial cartoon turned up in the Chronicle Herald out of Halifax. Bruce MacKinnon is one of two such artists at that newspaper, a man whose work I've enjoyed for years, and who has won numerous awards for his cartoons. He captured the events in Ottawa on Wednesday in just the right way, linking the fallen Corporal Cirillo to the War Memorial. This cartoon caught attention both here and abroad and has gone viral. I think it's the best of his career thus far, and it is a powerful yet comforting work of art. You can also view it here at the newspaper website, and bookmark that link as a future reference if you enjoy his style. In addition, this link is for an article on the national and international reaction to Bruce's work, and is well worth the read. Reprints of the work are being made available from the Chronicle Herald, with a portion of the proceeds going to Nathan Cirillo's family.


  1. The news was shocking and sad. Our times are often hard to take.

  2. I hope they can raise a lot of money for that poor mans family

  3. The cartoon was mentioned here in our news. You are right, it's very powerful and emotional as well.

  4. The statue is original, of course.


  5. Very moving indeed. I just wish the statue soldiers could really have shielded Corporal Cirillo from getting shot in the back.

  6. He is great, a cartoon sometimes says more than a photo. They give a special twists to certain events.

  7. I saw an interview with the artist yesterday on television.

  8. The cartoon is very moving and indeed comforting, too. It's great proceeds will be shared with Nathan Cirillo's family. It was really shocking and very sad event.

  9. Sad and quite moving, usually cartoons do not do this effect...

  10. I saw this cartoon on Dutch television this week. It's really a great work.

  11. Our world becomes more dark and disturbing with every passing day.

    Somehow, "cartoon" seems an inappropriate word for such a powerful image....

  12. @Oakland: they certainly are.

    @Jen: it turns out they make prints available on a regular basis, but when it's a good cause, they've gone with a portion towards that cause. It's a good thing for them to do.

    @Marleen: I love the work of editorial cartoonists, but perhaps they are at their best when they're not going for the funny bone.

    @Tomas: it's a great use of the statue.

    @Dina: it's such a sad state of affairs.

    @Marianne: and every once in awhile, one of these really makes an impact.

    @Revrunner: he's been speaking with a lot of press about it. I've seen a couple of interviews with him as well.

    @Jane and Chris: that would have been his intent.

    @Tamago: it certainly was.

    @Hilary: I thought so the moment I saw it.

    @VP: most of the time they're dealing with an issue in a humourous way, but as he put it, there was no way for this to be dealt with in that way.

    @Jan: it is.

    @Norma: it transcends the notion of a cartoon.

  13. oh, that brought me chills. and tears.

  14. We watched some of the tribute for the corporal and the funeral procession. Amazing numbers of people. And very moving. The cartoon says it all. Very well done. It's interesting how you have much more of a sense of "commonwealth" than what we find here - especially in recent years.

  15. Bruce is brilliant William.. the cartoonist on our newspaper Alston is always spot on with his cartoons. I have to say how incredibly impressed with everything I've seen coming out of Canada since this tragedy, handled with sensitivity and calm determination not to let these cowards change your wonderful way of life, bravo!

  16. That depiction is simply perfect. It's a very touching tribute.

  17. I will never understand how people can be filled with so much hate. This drawing is quite moving..

  18. Lovely tribute for such a terrible event.

  19. @Tex: having had watched interviews with him, he was drawing that at a time when the story was still in development and there was no way to know where to focus on, so he went with what felt right.

    @Lowell: I was at the Memorial yesterday. A lot of people were laying flowers down.

    @Grace: it's a profession I admire- when they're good, they can make a point in a way that's more effective than many a column.

    @Sharon: I think it'll win him this year's award for the best work among editorial cartoonists in Canada.

    @Judy: in this case, and in the case earlier in the week in Quebec with a soldier run down by a deranged lone wolf, it feels more like madness.

    @Cheryl: I thought so.

  20. This cartoon says it all. My heart goes out to all my Canadian friends. Unfortunately we in the U.S. know all too well how you are feeling :^(

  21. Outstanding cartoonist, touching poignant, powerful. Thank you for sharing it William, and for the links which I will check out right now.

  22. Hmmmm.... So sad to have to do this.

  23. @Anna: it took my breath away when I first saw it.

    @Tamera: that's all too true.

    @Denise: you're welcome!

    @Jackie: that's what I thought when I saw yours last night. I'd already been drafting this one after I saw the cartoon on Thursday.

    @Ciel: it really is.

    @RedPat: Bruce's instincts on this one were just the right touch for it.

  24. That is truly a brilliant cartoon; his work looks very familiar. The term "cartoon" really doesn't do the artwork and commentary justice. Sometimes the best commentary I've seen on current events has come in the form of a cartoon.

  25. I am so saddened by these events. Brilliant cartoon, and brilliance from Canada and her people. We love you, and will never forget Nathan

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  26. One of the best I've seen in months! He deserved to be linked with the fallen heroes.

  27. I would have to agree with Mari.

  28. Thank You for posting this. I am in tears right now.
    So very powerful in a quiet way.

    cheers, parsnip

  29. This cartoon is really ingenious!

  30. This cartoon says so much so clearly!

  31. @Kay: I think it's still the best work he's done.

    @Cloudia: thank you.

    @Mari: editorial cartoonists really have a skill at this.

    @Randy: so do I.

    @Linda: I agree.

    @Eve: you're welcome.

    @Parsnip: you're welcome.

    @Karl: it is.

    @EG: definitely.

    @Merisi: very much so.

    @MB: it was well done.