Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Pursuit

I have photographed these statues before, but it doesn't hurt to take shots from time to time of a favourite subject. The work depicts a First Nations hunter on the lower side, a row of vegetation separating him from his prey, a deer on the far side. The pair are set outside an office building a couple of blocks south of Parliament Hill, meant to be taken in together, though you can only glimpse them at the same time now in winter, as the vegetation grows throughout spring into the fall.


  1. superbe surtout au milieu de la verdure comme ceci ;o)

  2. It is nice to go back and take pictures of a favorite subject in different seasons. :)

  3. Very North America

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. Very , very nice shots !


  5. I appreciate when our leaders honor folks other than war "heroes." And it's especially nice to give statuary respect to those who walked these lands before we came and took it away.

  6. A special sculpture, you don't see often.

  7. These statues seemed a bit out of place in their settings and perhaps a park would have been a better place.

  8. That's clever,adding another dimension to the enjoyment.
    Jane x

  9. Wow what beautiful statues! It feels like the hunter is about to shoot arrow and deer is gonna run! And the place looks nice for taking a little rest, too.

  10. Unusual subjects, at least for us, and really interesting statues!

  11. @Audrey: merci!

    @Halcyon: it is.

    @Cloudia: quite true.

    @Tomas: thank you!

    @Lowell: that's true.

    @Marianne: you really don't.

    @Beatrice: they could be, but at the same time, here they're seen by more people.

  12. @Tanya: I liked them both from the first time I saw them.

    @Jane and Chris: the garden is in effect part of the work.

    @Tamago: the body language of the deer suggests it's already heard the hunter, and is about to bolt anyway.

    @Revrunner: some days you get lucky, some days it's the prey that does.

    @VP: we have a city here filled with statues, and these two make for good ones.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Gnome: I thought so!

  13. A super pairing William, but I'm happy that apart from in winter that hunter probably wouldn't see his prey :)

  14. Great statue. It is fun to take pictures of the same subject, light changes.

  15. I have to agree with Beatrice. They're beautiful, but would be so much more at home in a park.

  16. This deer is always in danger, isn't it? :)
    I like these somewhat "different" statues, William !

  17. The hunter and the hunted.Reminds me. Here in Maine there is a 'bear baiting' vote coming up in November. Lots of controversy. I love it!

  18. I hope you are somewhere safe today! Terrible things going on!

  19. Seems almost prophetic.. particularly the proximity of Parliament Hill where there was a shooting today. I hope that you and yours are safe.

  20. Beautiful subjects for photos William. I'm glad you visited them again.

  21. Wonderful shots of hunter and hunted. I just herad about the shooting overthere, you couldn't have chosen a better day to show these images.
    Stay save overthere!

  22. What happened to the parliament in Ottawa? Sad news went out into the world ...

  23. I see what is happening at Parliament, William, and I hope you are not around there, and that you are safe.

  24. Are you OK? Thinking intensely about you and your fellow Ottawatonians right now.

  25. I've just now heard about the Parliament on the radio too, please say that you weren't anywhere near the locations...

    I don't recalll having seen this beautiful and clever statue before (do I need my memory checked?)

  26. Thinking of you today, William, and all in Ottawa.
    We also had a terrorist attack in Jerusalem this evening.
    It is a bad day for the civilized world.

  27. I just left work.... and heard the news on the car radio. Sad to hear what happened in YOUR city!
    Our thoughts are with you.

  28. @Grace: when they first put these statues up, he would have.

    @Jackie: I should photograph them in winter.

    @Tex: thank you.

    @Sharon: I like them.

    @Norma: they would do nicely there.

    @Karl: it's unusual for the city, but seems strangely fitting.

    @Birdman: that would be controversial.

    @RedPat: I had an appointment this morning and was downtown when it was all going on. A rough day...

    @Hilary: right now, these two statues are inside the perimeter that was cordoned off by the police. I don't know how long that'll take.

    @Lois: they're different in different kinds of light.

    @Stefan: it was very strange here today, to say the least.

    @Jan: it's a very different mood in the city now.

    @Mariusz: we've got ourselves a lot of unanswered questions.

    @Linda: I was a few blocks south in an office at the time, but I walk in that area so often that I'm used to it.

    @Merry: at present, feeling rather uneasy, and somewhat angry too.

    @Ciel: it's been about a year since I've posted earlier shots of them.

    @Dina: it is a very bad day indeed.

    @Gunn: thank you.

  29. Heard the bad news of Ottawa and thought of you right away. Hope the people of the city can heal and feel safe again.

  30. These statues are marvelous William. I hadn't seen them before so I'm glad you took more photos.

  31. William, I feel terrible about the shootings in Ottawa today. I have always thought of Canada as a safe and friendly place. Mayhem like this doesn't belong anywhere, but especially not in Canada. Your fellow Canadians and you have the most sincere sympathy from your southern neighbors.

  32. I really like the native American tributes y'all do up there! Wish we had more of them down here!

  33. Nice sculptures. Sad news about the shooting. It sounds like you have your own madness there.

  34. Thinking of you today, indeed. I'm with Dina. A terrible day indeed. Terrible when a city gets put on the map for bad things. Hope you are safe.

    Greensboro Daily Photo

  35. @Bill: the Commons' sergeant at arms seems to be the hero of the day. He saved a lot of lives today.

    @Denise: I shall no doubt photograph them again.

    @Jack: I suppose it was just a matter of time. We've been lucky to have avoided these things until now.

    @Cheryl: I keep meaning to photograph the scout in Major's Hill again.

    @Mari: today was a kind of madness.

    @Janis: thank you.

  36. Like the second picture, it has an element of suspense.

  37. It's eerie, now, seeing this downtown images. Hubby was on the hill many times. His last week of work he testified before the Senate committee on Transportation.
    sigh. sorry. I love this city.

  38. (My previous comment seems to have disappeared!) This is wonderful. I love sculpture that interacts with the environment.

  39. @Randy: I need to photograph them again. They redid the plants, so now the two are within sight of each other.

    @Haddock: it does.

    @Jen: I think so!

    @Jennifer: it was strange, having a post like this and not knowing that a few hours after it was published, everything would change so drastically.

    @Kay: I do too.