Thursday, October 30, 2014

Playing Games In The Nest

I have some action shots for you today. The Raven's Nest is the name for the largest gym in the athletics complex at Carleton University, so named for the sports teams, the Ravens. The men's basketball team here is the best in the country, having had won almost all of the championship titles since 2002. Games in here tend to be well attended, and the team performs at the top of their game.

In August, a number of American college teams came up for some inter-league play, including the Hoosiers. It was mentioned in some of the papers that people drove up from Indiana for the occasion, since the games there are sold out long in advance, and this was a chance to see the team they root for in person.

A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme for November is Landmarks.


  1. Action photos. I wish I had a better comment than that, but that's all I've got.

  2. I could hear the action in your shots-

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  3. Love the basketball photos, wish I was courtside hearing those sneakers squeak.

  4. Ah you're going to be a sports photographer?!

  5. I love the graphic effect of the lamps and their reflections :)

  6. Our Washington Wizards' new season, I understand, is about to get underway.

  7. I had the same sensation as Cloudia, I could hear the pounce of a ball and clapping. ;-)

  8. Sounds like it was pretty exciting game. It must be extra fun to watch the best team to play. Those action shots look great! I can feel the excitement and almost hear players' footsteps!

  9. I see many lights reflected in the gaming venue. I do not if it is better or not.


  10. We have a D-League team here for the NBA. They are the Red Claws.

  11. this will be my view in a month or so! thanks for the reminder, i was just thinking about it this morning!

  12. @Whisk: that's all I was after!

    @Cloudia: I haven't tried photographing sports in play too much. I thought of photographing a baseball game, but never got to it over the summer.

    @Jen: it's admittedly not a sport I'm that interested in, but it makes for a different photo op.

    @Peter: the sounds echo in that gym.

    @Ciel: Oh, lord, no!

    @Karl: I liked it too.

    @Revrunner: same with the Toronto Raptors here.

    @Merisi: and there's a good deal of clapping.

    @Tamago: after all these years, it's a testament to the coaching and scouting that seeks out the best high school players to come here.

    @Tomas: well I liked it.

    @Birdman: that's a good name!

    @Tanya: you're welcome!

  13. I do not know much of basketball, but I like these actions shots!

  14. nice shiny floor! can hear the shoes squeak, now!

  15. What a great looking gym and great shots too William.

  16. Basketball is so Huge in the US. Hubby used to watch March Madness every year. I like the Carleton campus.

  17. I am a big basketball fan. Too bad it's not so big here in Europe. Looks like this is a nice place to play!

  18. I'm fascinated that the lights bounce off the floor!

  19. I prefer a hockey game! Canadian, eh, ;-))

  20. I specially like the lights and their reflections.

  21. I do enjoy a good basketball game.

  22. luv how the lights reflect off the floor!! thx 2 u for all the comme

    1. comments lately! I appreciate ur thoughts. have a great day! ( :

  23. Nice job capturing the reflections!

  24. Basketball is quite popular here as well. Nice pics!

  25. @VP: thanks!

    @Tex: they really do take care of the place.

    @Cheryl: it certainly stands out nicely.

    @Denise: thank you.

    @Jennifer: they've done quite a bit of expansion down there.

    @Halcyon: some sports have a following in one country that they won't in another country.

    @Norma: it's a good name.

    @EG: the cleaning crews wax this floor rather nicely.

    @RedPat: very Canadian!

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Sharon: a lot of people do!

    @Beth: you're welcome!

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Marleen: thanks!

  26. I enjoy basketball, but college football is my favorite. This looks like a very nice facility!

  27. I would like seeing a basketball game in this intimate environment.

  28. Like others, I like the lights and reflections. (Such is the commentary of someone unlikely to follow sports.)

  29. @Lois: we've got a good football stadium as well as part of the complex. I should photograph that as well. I pass by it twice a day.

    @Randy: thanks!

    @Jack: it makes for a good place to watch the game.

    @Kay: I'm not that likely either- baseball and hockey I get, but I don't follow too much, but football and basketball aren't for me.

  30. I can hear the ball bouncing and the basketball shoes squeaking on the wooden floor.
    Nice photos!