Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Of The Flowers

These delicate little blue flowers are always the first we see come out, and they are so short lived before they fade, generally for a few days in late April and early May. I found these on a slope in Central Park in the Glebe.


  1. Sweet little stars!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  2. This is quite the contrast to all the snow. I'm sure many folks have anxiously waited to see these beauties.

  3. So, the thing goes , everything is in order.


  4. They are lovely. Really, really like your header shot too!

  5. Like some I've seen recently along the banks of the C&O Canal.

  6. So tiny, so delicate and so pretty. They look like nature's precious whispers.

  7. they are really tiny ... would you miss them if you didn't take a moment to breathe and enjoy!! ( :

  8. I love wild flowers . I haven't seen to many here though yet usually we are overloaded by now with wild flowers . Nice photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. I don't know what they're called, but we have them here too. Enjoy your 10 minutes of spring before the summer sets in. ;-)

  10. Sad about spring blooms. Here and you blink and they are gone.

  11. @Cloudia: I do like seeing them in the spring. I haven't had a chance to photograph trilliums, which are also a very brief spring flower.

    @Stuart: winter was long this year. The tulips aren't even quite ready yet.

    @Tomas: definitely.

    @Lauren: thank you!

    @Marianne: they're very small, but such a nice sight to see.

    @Revrunner: they're no doubt all over the place. I just can't remember the name.

    @Jen: they certainly are.

    @Gemma: a good way to put it!

  12. @Beth: it seems they only last a breath, but typically they're around for ten or so days.

    @Tanya: and lovely to the eye.

    @Country Gal: daffodils are coming up here and there on lawns as well, a welcome sight to see.

    @Tex: they certainly are.

    @Sharon: I hope someone knows what they are.

    @Halcyon: it doesn't surprise me that they're in many, many places.

    @Birdman: true, but they're like the welcome wagon for other flowers.

    @VP: it took long enough, but this has been a very long winter.

  13. They are Scilla and often spread like crazy to make beautiful carpets of blue that come and go quickly! Lovely.

  14. Sweet and I like blue flowers and happen to have some of these in the garden.

  15. Many of these tiny blooms do not last long. You did capture some great shades of blue.

  16. I think you just got spammed, William. (See above)

  17. I love wildflowers! Especially in spring!

  18. @Whisk: thanks!

    @Linda: thank you.

    @RedPat: ah, that's what they are. I've looked them up- apparently bluebells are somewhat related to them.

    @MB: I see a lot of these in gardens at the moment, but they won't be around much longer.

    @Red: I know with larger trilliums that they only bloom this time of year because there's not a lot of plant life or leaves above them in woods.

    @Norma: I saw it and got rid of it. The same spammer went after two other blogs I follow as well, one with the same name, the other with another name, but the same message.

    @Ciel: thanks!

    @Cheryl: they're quite refreshing.

    @Gill: thank you.

    @Jennifer: so did I.

  19. Lovely wild flowers. Are they bulbs? The brittle bush, creosote, and palo verde trees are through blooming here, but the Desert Willow is in fine form. The cacti are taking turns blooming.

  20. They are so pretty! I would have a hard time not picking them.

  21. Pretty little blue flowers, so delicate.

  22. Thank you, Red Pat, for the I.D. I don't know them well enough to have guessed and I'm glad to know. They're very pretty and I would expect they're a welcome sight.

  23. Good to look down occasionally, I like it.

  24. Nice delicate flowers, finally spring, he?

  25. They're very sweet William, shame they are so short lived .

  26. @Mari: they're called scilla.

    @Lois: I just like seeing them.

    @Denise: quite true.

    @Randy: they do.

    @Kay: that they are.

  27. @Carole: thanks!

    @Peter: me too.

    @Karl: finally!

    @Grace: but welcome to see.

    @EG: alas they do not.

    @Tammie: that they are.