Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Flowers And The Hound

I took shots of these tulip beds in the park. I could see two people with their dog, who was sitting on a bench, posing for photographs. I doubted they'd still be there when I got there.

And yet the dog was still there, patiently sitting while his or her humans took pictures. I couldn't pass up the chance to take a couple of shots myself.


  1. Awwwww....sweet dog, William, and lovely photos. I was just wondering when you were going to photograph animals and here are some photos of a darling and patient dog. :)

  2. What a sweetie!

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    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  3. What a cute little face and so good to sit and wait.

  4. The dog sits so proudly.and cute. Nice.
    We have lots of benches and paths, and really a lot of dogs, but I've never seen a dog sitting on the bench.
    The tulip in the first photo are lovely.

  5. The first picture is impressive, it gives joy to life.


  6. The dog seems to be used to posing for the camera. He looks so proud. And those tulips en masse are stunning.

  7. What a well behaved pooch. Or did he bound through the flowers after your shot?

  8. Those tulip beds are gorgeous, especially the first multicoloured one. Sweet and obedient pup. Enjoy the weekend. It was snowing here this morning!

  9. precious pup! good dog! love the mix of colors in the first shot.

  10. That's a dog who badly wants to be in the movies. Probably saw a few too many "Lassie" pictures! Cute. Gorgeous colors again!

  11. The tulips are gorgeous William but the doggy is a STAR :)

  12. What a wonderful sea of flowers.
    Great how the dog is waiting and posing on that bench.

  13. @Linda: a very patient dog!

    @Cloudia: such a sweetie.

    @Whisk: I suspect treats were in the offing for the pooch.

    @Orvokki: I've never seen a dog on a bench until this one.

    @Babzy: they are.

    @Tomas: thank you.

    @Gemma: I suspect that's routine for the dog.

    @Revrunner: very much so!

  14. @Marianne: I was pleased that the dog was still there when I got there.

    @Mo: no, he still sat there as I left.

    @Geoff: I figured I'd get these kind of reactions!

    @Pamela: snow again! We didn't get any, but it's quite cool today.

    @Tex: thank you!

    @Lowell: thanks!

    @Grace: and the dog knows it!

    @Jan: one of those wonderful moments I'm glad I captured.

  15. That bed of multi-color tulips is simply gorgeous but, that dog is stealing the show. What a cutie waiting so patiently.

  16. I am always for the colors, but this surprise in black and white is too funny!

  17. what a great pup to wait and pose for you.

  18. @Judy: very good!

    @Jackie: thanks!

    @Cheryl: so patient!

    @Sharon: I expect that dog often steals the show!

    @VP: and such a cute black and white, too!

    @MB: very good of the doggie.

  19. Wow so many beautiful tulips, and one cute dog.

  20. Lol, what a star! I guess dogs are getting more and more human! The tulip sea is gorgeous!

  21. She reminds me of my dog Scamp, except Scamp had longer hair.

  22. I thought you were going to say that you found the dog busy digging out tulips. It's a well trained dog to stay there.

  23. again wonderful photos of the tulips and of the dog.

  24. Such pretty tulip beds. The blooms are so lovely and delightful!
    And what a cute woofie sitting on the bench :-)

  25. What a good dog! He must like the camera. Little ham.

  26. Those tulips are just beautiful. I got to see a few starting to bloom when I was in Turkey in March.

  27. I have never seen a dog neither sitting on a bench so patient. Extra surprise for you today. It sure was meant for you to take him. Love your photography.

    Maybe next week you will have a pretty girl somewhere sitting on a bench or standing. Call out to you. Hello can you take a picture of me. Strange things happen.

  28. He looks very well trained...probably lives with cats!
    Jane x

  29. @Anita: I'm wondering if people are overdosing on tulips.

    @Ciel: this one was such a good doggie.

    @Norma: we never had a dog like this one. A collie and a daschie-spaniel mix.

    @Red: I could see other dogs doing that!

    @Gill: thank you!

    @RedPat: very well behaved.

    @Marleen: I thought so.

    @Tamago: that dog's getting a whole lot more attention than his humans must have known.

    @Shelly: no doubt!

    @Susie: here it's an annual tradition, and beloved by many.

    @Carolann: I would have figured the dog would have had enough and gotten off, but this one seemed content.

    @Jane and Chris: possibly!

  30. Happy you took photos of the patient hound also. The tulips are gorgeous and I love their color combinations.

  31. Love the way he loves the bench.


  32. Dog on the bench - superb photo.

  33. Lovely flowers. What a patient dog. He knows his humans will return.

  34. Cute pup. Love the color in the first shot.

  35. I was so hoping you'd get to take a photo to share with us! I like the look of that well-behaved dog on the bench. And those tulips are amazing, so near the same height and such vivid colors in that first photo. Wow!

  36. That first shot just pops with color. And the dog looks full of personality. Glad you got its picture...I was curious. Though I'm surprised it wasn't getting its portrait with tulips.

  37. The tulips are wonderfully colourful and I LOVE that patient dog!

  38. @Denise: thank you!

    @Janis: he was a good dog!

    @Peter: I thought so!

    @Mari: oh, he knew they were in plain sight, and must be used to being photographed.

    @Randy: thank you.

    @Lynette: thanks!

    @Kay: I'm sure his humans had him photographing by tulips too.

    @Linda: definitely.

    @Gerald: thanks!

    @EG: so do I.

    @Jennifer: very much so.