Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glorious Colours Along The Canal

On the Glebe side of the Rideau Canal, just east of where it widens into Dow's Lake, a tulip bed can be found along the parkway. Red dominated this bed, but it was not the only colour planted there this year. Pink and even some orange can be found here.


  1. This is a great color. It seems like they go on for miles and miles. Do you know how many miles?


  2. Fantastic and beautiful photos, I really love this color tulips. You have so many tulips there, it's lovely to see them.

  3. Yet you have left at least a million more tulips to teach, right? (just kidding).


  4. Ottawa seems to be a tulip-land, so beautiful colours !

  5. Ours ahev all gone now. Nice to see yours are out

  6. I agree with Karl.
    Wonderful colours.

  7. I haven't seen this many tulips in I don't know how long! Pretty.

  8. I like how they managed to group similar colors...

  9. I like all the different colors. Impressive collection!

  10. Such pretty colors! I don't see orange tulips very often.
    Red, orange and pink make such lovely color combination!

  11. Your tulips: a fast feast for the eyes.

  12. I like those deep red tulips.
    Overhere the time for the tulips is over, but there are lots of wild flowers to enjoy now.

  13. Gorgeous blooms, beautifully shaped.

  14. @Janis: there would be a lot of walking involved- tulip beds can be found along the length of the Canal, though I didn't get to all of them this year- as well as up on Parliament Hill, Major's Hill Park, and over the river in Gatineau. That's not counting other spots and private gardens.

    @Orvokki: it's a wonderful time of year for them.

    @Tomas: I'll probably be posting into ten days of June!

    @Karl: it certainly is a tulip land.

    @Bill: ours are done as well now; we had a cold snap that pretty much finished them, but it was a very good year.

    @Gunn: thank you!

    @Linda: they certainly are.

    @VP: so did I.

    @Marianne: no shortage of them, for sure.

  15. @Lowell: thanks!

    @EG: thank you.

    @Revrunner: there's never a shortage of red at these festivals.

    @Tamago: orange does tend to be fairly prominent as well.

    @Birdman: thank you!

    @Tex: they stand out.

    @Jan: soon they'll be replacing the tulips with flowers that'll go all summer.

    @Sharon: they are well shaped.

  16. There's lots more about tulips than I knew.

  17. Amazing that the tulips are still going so strong over there. They're long gone here...

  18. Wow! Ottawa must be ideal for tulips!

  19. Very pretty- one of my favorite flowers..I just wish they would last longer!

  20. i enjoy the lighting in these shots ... it was a gorgeous day! ( :

  21. I must go to Ottawa one year to see the tulips!

  22. What a striking color! Beautiful!

  23. The glimpse of delightful buildings and trees in the first photo maes a wonderful fringe contrast for the colourful tulips.

  24. I like the unusual colour combination.

  25. I can just imagine these next to the canal, gorgeous I'm sure. Great photos!

  26. I just can't believe how many beautiful tulips your lovely city has.

    cheers, parsnip

  27. I am guessing they are getting past their best now?

  28. @Carolann: you're welcome.

    @Tanya: thank you!

    @Jackie: I think so too.

    @Red: there are a lot of kinds.

    @Halcyon: by now they're done. These shots were taken around the end of the festival, but we had a recent cold snap that probably did the final flowers in.

    @Linda: it is.

    @Terri: we see them for about three weeks, and that's it. This year was a very good year.

    @Beth: thank you!

    @Ciel: I figured so!

  29. @RedPat: you're not that far away!

    @Cheryl: it's a great colour.

    @Norma: and more to come!

    @Gemma: I did like that backdrop. Those homes can get pretty expensive.

    @Marleen: so do I.

    @Denise: it's a great use of this land, having tulips there.

    @Parsnip: there's a whole lot of them around.

    @Gill: yes, they were good throughout the festival and even afterwards, but the cold snap from a few days ago would have been the last straw for them.

  30. I agree with angryparsnip, that's a staggering amount of plants...

  31. Am drunk on these, William!

    (I like your wise answer at my place today :-)

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  32. William, I hope that those who work at making these beautiful tulip beds realize how much joy they give to those who see them, including we who follow your blog. Thanks so much! And thanks for letting me know which sort of photo you liked best of those three today!

  33. Glorious colors! I would be very tempted to pick a few.

  34. In Poland, it is believed that the capital of the tulip is the Netherlands. But I'm not sure :)

  35. @Geoff: it is.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Lynette: you're welcome.

    @Lois: so would I.

    @Randy: indeed.

    @MB: definitely.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Mariusz: it is.