Monday, May 11, 2015

Old Soldiers

I returned to Parliament Hill for shots of the War of 1812 monument under better conditions than I had in April.


  1. This type of statues, where there is many at once, here is rare.


  2. belle sculpture avec une impression de mouvement

  3. very neat I could look at it for ages lots to see in it :)

  4. l like the way the sculptor caught the spirit of the moment as well as the idea.

  5. Some of these memorials you share are really very interesting!

  6. i enjoy the details. the hats ... ( :

  7. I learn so much history from this site!


  8. Who is the woman in this piece? (Or who does she represent?)
    Jane x

  9. Great look at history this morning, William. Wonderful representation of a long ago war.

  10. These are great beautiful sculptures William.

  11. The powers that be in Ottawa seem quite fascinated by the War of 1812!

  12. So is this the statue Harper put up all the time ignoring more recent and greater struggles? At the time he threw a small sum to celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian flag. I like the statue but there has to be a good reason why it's there.

  13. @Tomas: the same is actually done on the National War Memorial, which has more than twenty servicemen and women passing through the gate.

    @Olivier: thank you!

    @MB: I do think it should have been positioned in Confederation Park, but since we've got a horse's ass in the Prime Minister's Office at present, that's not likely.

    @Halcyon: I do like it too.

    @Jen: there is a lot of detail.

    @Marianne: the sculptor chose well.

    @Revrunner: definitely.

    @Gnome: and it's a pleasure to show them.

    @Beth: thanks! A rather different sort of monument tomorrow, though!

    @Janis: and history is my speciality.

    @Jane and Chris: she's representing the nurses. I should do a closeup- she's bandaging the soldier's hand.

    @Linda: fortunately things between our nations are much better than two centuries past.

    @Norma: I do think so.

    @Luis: I agree!

    @EG: Harper's little way of trying to make himself look bigger and view all of history exclusively through a military lens, while treating actual living veterans like dirt. Speaks volumes of his utter lack of character, or a real spine.

    @Tex: I do agree!

    @Red: yes, Harper went all out spending millions to mark the anniversary, and then went and threw a pittance at the anniversary of the flag- enough for a display here during Winterlude and one over at the Museum of Civilization. He really is that petty.

  14. There is quite a lot to that monument. Lots of action in the figures.

  15. Yes the sky is definitely a bit friendlier here William :) but to be honest this wonderful sculpture would look amazing in any weather I'm sure.

  16. A fabulous sculpture. Such a pity the politicians don't remember how many lives their wars cost

  17. There is a lot to look at in that sculpture.

  18. An amazingly complicated representation and a really fascinating monument!

  19. @Sharon: and I didn't even realize I'd photographed Sir Wilfred Laurier in one of these shots until now.

    @Grace: I'll photograph it again from time to time.

    @Mo: politicians rarely do.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Judy: there is.

    @VP: there's a great deal to see in it.

  20. Striking monument, with all the people! Nice shots!

  21. Don't get me going on Harper, it's so awful. I have a former teaching colleague who loves the man. I have been so surprised!
    The monuments are lovely. Our kids are going to Paris shortly, and will love all the pieces there!

  22. A very impressive monument, very well photographed.

  23. These marvelous monuments by a fantastic Photographer You.

    Clarity is right on. Smack.

  24. I would love to see all the facial expressions. I hope younger people are taught all this...

  25. There is lots to see there if you look from all sides. Great photos, William.

  26. a very interesting monument, with a great deal of action depicted in it.

  27. @Cheryl: thanks!

    @Jennifer: I'm looking forward to the fall election. Hopefully that's the end of the line for the Dark Lord.

    @Denise: thank you!

    @Carolann: thanks!

    @Ciel: I think I'll do a series later in the summer- finer details of each of these.

    @Marleen: thank you!

    @Gill: the artist did well with it.

  28. So many monuments all over the world. The sculptures are wonderful, but it still made me think of all the ones put up in towns across this land and others.

  29. It is kind of a complex bunch of statues, isn't it? Folks going in every direction.

  30. Hmmm. They don't look as cold as they did in April! ;-)
    It really is an amazing piece of work. Thanks for sharing the various angles; there's a lot to see.

  31. Another great set of sculptures. They look great in the spring sunshine.

  32. Great art work, must look up the war of 1812.

  33. @Mari: we have a lot of statues and monuments.

    @Randy: thanks!

    @Tanya: I do like it, though I still think it should have been placed down at Confederation Park.

    @Jack: it captures elements of people who contributed to the war in various ways. The organization of it all works for me.

    @Kay: it's definitely warmer in look when it's warm outside.

    @Pamela: they do.

    @Orvokki: indeed.

    @Peter: it was a complicated war.

    @Whisk: I agree.