Monday, May 25, 2015

Yellow Pomponette In The Park

Some red, yellow, and white tulips today. I have more from the area around Dow's Lake to come, but we'll be looking at other tulip bed locations first.


  1. Beautiful. Love the composition of the last picture.

  2. These tulips are like rivers of color, William, running for days and days. Wow.

  3. Ottawa, so I see it, it is full of tulips, one of the most beautiful flowers.


  4. Ooooo, so pretty! Such a nice color combination!

  5. It's like a carpet of flowers!

  6. This is a sea of flowers that is feast to the eyes.

  7. Wonderful to see this sea of colours.

  8. Nothing makes yellow flowers pop like a border of red. The people who planted knew what they were doing! How long ago were the bulbs planted?


  9. Red and yellow go together well in a garden.

  10. The colours seem to make a sort of pattern.

  11. This is such a photogenic period for your city William, beautifully shared, merci beaucoup :)

  12. The yellow ones are definitely my favourites!

  13. It would appear that Ottawa is inundated with these gorgeous flowers!

  14. That's one of the best so far. (I just like bright colours!)

  15. Now you learn something everyday. I have never seen or heard of these tulips. Thanks for showing them.

  16. @Linda: thank you! So did I.

    @Lynette: the tulip festival is one of my favourite times of the year here, and it's done so well.

    @Tomas: there are so many of them here.

    @Linda: thank you!

    @Tamera: yellow and red work well together.

    @Sharon: it is!

    @Andy: that it definitely is.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Janis: they tend to plant these beds in October, over two or three weeks so that the flowers bloom over a staggered release.

    @EG: they certainly do.

  17. @Marleen: the planters do follow certain designs. I know one of these beds, if you looked at them from above, was designed with a poppy theme.

    @Grace: you're most welcome.

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Revrunner: it's a stand out time of year for us.

    @Lowell: there would probably be a million bulbs planted each year.

    @Gnome: and more of that to come!

    @Tex: thank you!

    @Jackie: thanks!

    @Red: I think I've seen that type in previous years.

  18. Those are gorgeous! Wow. I love the wave of plantings.

  19. They are very pretty! Reminds me of a children's song in Japan, which is about tulip and it goes "red, white, yellow...every boom is beautiful." Your photos are exactly like the song!

  20. Fantastic photos! I do love those bright and cheerful colors.

  21. So lovely!

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  22. Yellow is always a special color for any flower, and you got so many shades of it...

  23. Stunning! What a year!

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  24. very pretty!!! thx 4 the bday wishes!! it was a good day! ( :

  25. Like a stream of sunshine meandering through the reds. Stunning.

  26. Don't know which color I like the most! These are gorgeous!

  27. Love the name, they look a bit unusual to me, so wide open but they are gorgeous!

  28. My husband I showed him yours. He said living in Holland as a young boy.
    Holland is known for them as you know. They do not last long. In Holland they have other plants come up when the tulips die out.

    We like all the colors and they do look like a carpet of beauty.

  29. Fantastic colours William, I particularly like the yellow...

  30. Oh, they are just so beautiful! I need to see them some day!

  31. @RedPat: and more yellow to come.

    @Pamela: the gardeners did well this year.

    @Tamago: those colours feature in tomorrow!

    @Denise: so do I.

    @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Randy: it is.

    @VP: there was a rich variety this year.

    @Jandi: thank you.

  32. @Merry: it's enough to know you're seeing the pages. I don't know why Blogger tends to send out several days worth of your blog at once.

    @Beth: thank you!

    @Gemma: thanks!

    @Cheryl: people are going to miss the tulips when I'm done.

    @Ciel: it's an unusual name, but a good one.

    @Carolann: here they plant something after the tulips are done that lasts through the summer.

    @Geoff: that seems to be a common opinion!

    @Joan: you should!

  33. Gorgeous! You have had some stunning flower photos recently. Very beautiful.

  34. These are so spectacular! What a treat it must be each spring.
    (I'm traveling 'til mid June. Will have some posts in my absence but won't be visiting other blogs. See you when I get back!)

  35. Glad it's tulip time again. I'm always in awe at your posts on the subject.