Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Stadium

These two views into the stadium at Lansdowne Park are taken from a footbridge that overlooks the field on the east side.

The stadium hosts soccer and CFL football games, while the arena beneath the north side stands hosts the OHL minor league hockey team, the Ottawa 67s. This summer some games in the FIFA Women's World Cup will be played here.


  1. Nicely shared

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    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  2. I see you have a large field of sport.


  3. Nice. Oddly enough, this view of the empty stadium is more interesting than it would be full.

  4. I'm with Elaine on noticing how different stadiums look empty and full. How many people will it hold? Have you seen a game there? How did you get in when it was empty?


  5. je suis fan de la CFL football games, malheureusement depuis un an il n'y a plus de match sur la television française ;(

  6. Beautiful, it looks pretty new...

  7. Looks in good shape, hear the crowds roar

  8. Looks like you could kick a field goal and a soccer goal at the same time.

  9. It is a huge stadium ready for the games to come.

  10. Looks beautiful! The emptiness is interesting.

  11. Gosh it's a huge stadium William, would be an amazing scene when filled with overly excited fans :)

  12. it is weird to see a stadium empty ... seems lonely. ( :

  13. at least it has a roof on it, still not my idea of fun though!

  14. Looks like a great stadium and a huge field!

  15. kinda nice to see it empty and clean. :)

  16. I like seeing these places when they are empty.

  17. @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Tomas: it is a pretty big stadium.

    @Elaine: since I don't care for football or soccer, I doubt I'll be around anytime when it's full.

    @Janis: it has a capacity for twenty four thousand spectators, according to what I could find.

    @Olivier: I had no idea the CFL had any international exposure, though I can understand that getting it in France would pose problems.

    @Karl: it is, since the rebuilding and refurbishment have been done in the last couple of years. The south stands are brand new, and the north stands have been extensively redone.

    @Peter: at least at present the fans are coming out to the games. I wonder how long that will last though. The city has really become a hockey town with the Senators playing out in the west end of the city.

    @Revrunner: I imagine someone was setting up for a soccer practice before I took this- the goal posts of course can be removed more easily than football posts.

    @Marianne: it does at least make for an interesting photo subject, whatever I think of the whole Lansdowne debacle.

    @Luis: I did like the emptiness of it. There are parts of this place I'd like to explore further.

    @Grace: I've seen a lot of fans pouring in for games.

    @Beth: it's quiet enough like that so that one can hear the crows.

    @Gill: I'd much rather go to an arena or a ballpark.

    @Linda: I know there are differences in field size between American and Canadian football stadiums, but I don't know it off hand.

    @Tex: I thought so.

    @Sharon: it's a very different feel like this.

  18. Nice shots (although you couldnt pay me to sit through a whole game of football)

  19. That's a beautiful stadium. It must get very exciting when Women's World Cup will be played there in summer!

  20. It's lovely! The last time I was in a stadium was about 20 years ago when I watched a baseball game.

  21. Hey, this is what I wanted to see. It's a very attractive facility.

  22. I'll go somewhere else with Aimée. :-)

  23. It has a modern look. I wonder how many people can have a seat inside?

  24. It's good that they have combined the field with an arena! Looks like a good place to watch a game.

  25. Is it the camera angle, it looks really enormous...

  26. @VP: it does serve its purpose.

    @Aimee: I couldn't sit through it either.

    @Tamago: soccer (football) does baffle me... why do billions of people get fascinated by a low scoring sport that drives some to kill other fans?

    @Denise: now baseball I can get into.

    @Red: I figured you'd like it.

    @Ciel: I'd rather go see hockey!

    @Marleen: 24 000 at present capacity- if they have other events going on, like a concert, that can be adapted. A concert stage doesn't need as much room as a field for playing.

    @Norma: yes, the Redblacks, at least until they go under.

    @RedPat: the arena's also had some refurbishments, but it's been home for the 67s as long as I know.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Cheryl: thank you.

    @Geoff: part of it's the angle, though the stadium's just too big to capture without a panoramic camera, so this is a big place.

  27. Great perspective for your photos of this splendid multi-use facility.

  28. One has to like sports to appreciate that.

  29. Empty vs. full of fans and teams - two very different worlds.

  30. I didn't realize that's where FIFA will be!

  31. A wonderful stadium. My family are fans of the soccer, hockey, football.

    Also they have visited your Provence when kids were on leagues for matches and stayed at your fine hotel with the water slides and all inside. Was spectacular. You have a clean province town.

  32. Is this your favourite reno job> I forget!

  33. @Lynette: it gets a lot of use. They're playing soccer again now, and the football team will be playing games again in June.

    @Mari: I'm admittedly not a fan of either soccer or football.

    @Lois: that it is.

    @Randy: it's something different from what the stadium used to be, since the south section is a complete rebuild.

    @Kay: the football games tend to have big crowds.

    @Jennifer: yes, the stadium hosted a good number of the games.

    @Carolann: thank you.

    @Whisk: relatively!