Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tulip Beds For Queen Juliana

A tulip bed at the west edge of Commissioner's Park is dedicated specifically to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, who as a crown princess spent the World War Two years in the safety of Ottawa with her daughters while her mother Queen Wilhelmina maintained a defiant post against the occupation from England. One of her daughters, Margriet, was born here. This plaque is by the bed, and I've photographed it twice to ensure it should be readable. 


  1. This is an amazing war connection with the Netherlands. And a wonderful, everlasting tribute to that connection.

  2. These things should not miss in any country. Exalts to people who remember.


  3. Our new King and Queen will visit your country very soon, May 27-29.

  4. This is all very beautiful. And I learned something again from one of your posts. Merci!

  5. Couldn't find a more lovely tribute to Queen Juliana, beautifully shown William.

  6. Wonderful. This week Juliana's grandson King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima will visit Canada. I think they will love this display too.

  7. A very interesting story of a long time ago, but still remembered...

  8. Wow!
    Had not heard of this gal. I hope she liked tulips. There are enough of them around 'her'.

  9. There are many great stories about the war that we don't know about. It's time for me to read another book on the second world war. I didn't know the King and Queen of Holland were going to visit. We've heard nothing about it.

  10. i like the tulips subtly incorporated into the memorial plaque.

  11. Ela devia gostar muito de tulipas pois esta rodeada dessas belezuras
    Lindo canteiro desta nobre flor
    Um grande abraço, William

  12. Until I met you, William, I had no idea Canada had such strong ties to the Netherlands.

  13. @Gemma: it's a positive legacy of that war, the close ties between two countries.

    @Tomas: it does.

    @Marianne: I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me. Members of the family still come back regularly on official and private visits, particularly Margriet.

    @Revrunner: and here it's not Memorial Day, but the flowers fit your holiday.

    @Lowell: you're welcome!

    @Grace: thank you.

    @Jan: I'll have to find out if they're in Ottawa. I don't imagine the Dark Lord will fall all over himself the way he does when British royalty is around, but who knows?

    1. I think it's an official State visit, so they'll be in Ottawa too, I presume.

  14. @VP: it is well worth remembering.

    @Birdman: oh, she loved tulips!

    @Jackie: and I enjoy taking them.

    @Red: the Dutch aspect to the story of the war is something I was brought up with. My parents and grandparents knew a man who was in the Resistance and who lived well into his nineties, dying a few years back. It was only late in life that he spoke of some of the things he'd had to do.

    @Tex: yes, it's a good touch.

    @Gracita: thank you!

    @Sharon: it is.

    @Norma: they're very close ties, and that now seems permanent.

  15. Queen Juliana was very loved here in the Netherlands.

  16. It's such a nice way to remember her!

  17. the flowers are quite beautiful.

  18. Wonderful tribute! Lovely flowers!

  19. @Marleen: there was a memorial service to her here in the church where she worshiped during her time in Ottawa.

    @Ciel: it certainly is.

    @Tammie: they are.

    @Cheryl: thanks!

    @RedPat: most definitely.

    @Linda: that seems to be the consensus!

    @Gill: a great way to honour her.

  20. You always have such interesting facts William, thank you..

  21. I love that she is surrounded by a little piece of home.
    Jane x

  22. It is a little sad that the Dutch remember us more than we remember their experiences during the war.

  23. @Geoff: you're welcome!

    @Jane and Chris: it's a lovely legacy.

    @Hamilton: it was a very hard war for them.

    @Mari: thanks!

    @Randy: thank you.

    @Kay: I certainly think so.

    @EG: as am I.