Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Her Majesty The Queen

This statue of the Queen stands on Parliament Hill. A fitting choice today with the recent addition to the family. For some odd reason, Esmeralda, Felicity, Olga, Ursula, Maleficent, Moon Unit, Calliope, Andromeda, and Tiffany weren't among the names. 


  1. Funny post! Very fine modern equestrian statue. I like it

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  2. Stunning traditional statue.

  3. The Parliament Hill of Ottawa has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.


  4. Belle statue avec de beaux details

  5. She is still riding. I saw a photo lately of Elizabeth riding on a bit strange horse, kind of big pony with short legs, so she cant't fall of high-altitude...

  6. A beautiful statue, and I like your selection of names...

  7. Yes very timely pic of HRH William.. can you just imagine the uproar if they'd picked something like Gertrude.. Gerty for short :)

  8. i have always felt related to her because we are both Elizabeth. very cool. ( :

  9. Very nice statue. I'm sure Her Majesty is grateful none of those 'other' names were chosen as well.

  10. Yes, the young princess is very lucky indeed to have gotten named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. ;)

  11. It's a nice statue. I don't even know the names of all our princes and princesses, so I won't even try to remember the British names.

  12. Your choice of names made me smile. I think her name is wonderful, don't you?

  13. Beautiful statue, you've chosen a good angle to photograph it.

  14. i thought charlotte was a nice choice from the whole charles thing. and just like in real life, elizabeth stands between charles and diana. ;)

  15. Hahahahaha! Moon Unit. Zappa was such a creative guy gone way too soon.

  16. The Queen was also quite prominent when it came to the second world war . So yesterday marking the 70 th year since the end of the war is another reason for your photo being appropriate.

  17. @Cloudia: I could have kept going and going with odd names.

    @Orvokki: I was pleased to get the chance to photograph in that light.

    @Tomas: as long as one ignores the politicians.

    @Olivier: I've always thought so.

    @Revrunner: I was listening to the Maleficent soundtrack when I was doing the write-up for this post.

    @Marianne: she does love horses!

    @VP: unfortunately we're not likely to ever see a Princess Viola, Juliet, or Maddie anytime soon.

    @Grace: I can just see Gerty as a name!

    @Beth: it is a good name.

  18. @Pamela: the name as it actually is happens to be a good one.

    @Tanya: Moon Unit is the ultimate proof of why celebrities should have someone else name their children.

    @EG: No Princess Brunhilda this time.

    @Jan: I'd be lost trying to name Dutch royalty, aside from the king, the former queen, and her sister born here.

    @Linda: it's a very good name.

    @Karl: it was a bit of a challenge framing the shot- work on the Hill at the moment includes that structure at the right of the pic, which I wanted to minimize.

    @Tex: oh, yes!

    @Birdman: though he could have gone with reasonable names for his kids!

    @Red: quite true, yes.

  19. :). I like Charlotte though..

  20. Are you sure Maleficent is off the table?

  21. Nice statue. I can't understand them not considering Tiffany.

  22. The Queen is quite the equestrian. She always looks so natural in the saddle.

    I'm not at all surprised by the name chosen to the new little princess--they honored both of William's parents and his grandmother. Quite appropriate for the fourth in line to the throne.

  23. I like Queen Elizabeth, she has a very good sense of humour and a lovely smile. She is an animal lover and is able to rule with finesse. This is my view of her, anyway. I have a book Lilibet on her and I plan to be reading this soon! :)

  24. Princess Moon Unit has a certain ring to it!

  25. Nice photo. Today I visited a lady and her daughter in a small Languedoc village where some people still ride horses (on the streets) in the same way as other people ride bicycles. I enjoyed looking at them.

  26. Lol!!! I wonder why E. before D. though...

  27. And now you've got me smiling. Thank youf or that.

  28. @Marleen: it is a good name.

    @Sharon: apparently so!

    @Cheryl: particularly if it ends with an I instead of a Y.

    @Norma: I might have also expected Margaret or Victoria.

    @Jackie: I've been trying to think if I've ever known an Ursula, but no.

    @Linda: I do like the continuity of the Royals.

    @RedPat: oh well, not happening this time!

    @Marie: you only see horses on roads here in the countryside.

    @Ciel: thanks!

    @Denise: you're welcome.

  29. Perhaps next time with the names William

  30. I'm just happy that Diana was in the mix!

  31. Yeah. It breaks my heart there isn't a Princess Tiffany (or Tiffani).

  32. A fitting post with the little princess here.


  33. Love this post.
    I thought Alice or Charlotte.
    You missed the Frozen sisters names Anna and Elsa (yuck) to add to the mix,
    You are so clever.

    cheers, parsnip

  34. I don't think I have ever seen a statue of Queen Elizabeth II on a horse. Now i'm wondering why when it is so much her passion. And those names... woo...Moon Unit???

  35. my eldest son thought they should name her Stardust lol
    very nice statue :)

  36. I vaguely remember this one!
    We are awaiting the birth of a grandchild in Vancouver! It's exciting!

  37. I happen to think Elizabeth is a fine name! ;-)

  38. It is kind of an unusual statue, don't you think? With that odd swirling cloak?

    I thought the name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge, was just about perfect. It touches all the bases.

  39. Your picks much better! Ha ha

  40. Having a English Mom who has for many years passed on her believes. She taught me all I need about Royalty. The baby Charolotte has my daughters first name then for her second name my daughters second name. How about that. My daughter is Elizabeth but she rather been called Liz so perhaps that is what they were thinking could happen if they chose that. I like the Statue. Ottawa is such a clean, historical place. Lucky you.

  41. @Geoff: we shall see!

    @Lois: all three are good names.

    @Kay: not this time!

    @Randy: thanks!

    @Janis: thank you!

    @Parsnip: I would have had to look those up!

    @Gemma: this one's been there for years, since at least the early eighties, if not earlier.

    @Jen: a good name, and a good movie!

    @Jennifer: that could be anytime, or another two weeks!

    @Halcyon: I quite agree.

    @Jack: the cloak seems to suit her nicely.

    @Peter: I could have also gone with Felicia!

    @Carolann: there's an Elisabeth in my family, with that spelling... but let's just say I am no longer on speaking terms with either of my sisters, and have no wish to change that anytime soon.