Saturday, April 27, 2019

Designated Birds

A visit into the Bird Gallery includes a display set of provincial and territorial birds, some large, some small. From left to right we have British Columbia's Steller's Jay. Alberta has the Great Horned Owl. The Northwest Territories have designated the Gyrfalcon. And New Brunswick has the Black-capped Chickadee.

Nunavut chose the Rock Ptarmigan, while Ontario has the Common Loon. Saskatchewan has the Sharp-Tailed Grouse, and the Yukon chose the Common Raven.

The Atlantic Puffin represents the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Manitoba designated the Great Grey Owl as their provincial bird. The Blue Jay represents Prince Edward Island. Nova Scotia selected the Osprey as its official bird. And rounding out the set is Quebec's provincial bird, the Snowy Owl.

Displays of preserved birds throughout the rest of the gallery are plentiful, and tend to be organized thematically with physical traits or behaviours. I have more from here tomorrow.


  1. The "flying" birds are a great display.

  2. So many birds to see and learn about them.

  3. ...they sure come in all sizes and shapes, what wonderful gifts of nature.

  4. The specimens all look in good condition and realistically displayed.

  5. A good opportunity to study them.

  6. Now you are getting in my realm, William - big time!

  7. Puffins are most intriguing creatures! Love them.

  8. The display of the birds in flight is impressive! Beautiful creatures! I would much rather see them alive but this seems so tastefully and beautifully presented, it does justice to lives lost.

  9. There are a lot of colorful birds in this collection. I love the woodpecker.

  10. Great exhibit and beautiful birds. Our state bird is the Baltimore Oriole. Have a great day and weekend!

  11. How well done, this exhibit and your photos (no reflections on glass). I see many of my favorite birds.

  12. Well displayed and huge collection of birds.

  13. I always have mixed feelings about such displays but models really don't have the details that real specimens have.

  14. Wonderful collection. I'm glad that I can can see en photograph some of them now and then.

  15. i love all birds but my faves are probably owls or woodpeckers (now do they not fly around with headaches? we saw a bit one trip about how it does affect their heads ... u just don't have a clue ...but it sure sounds terrible. trees around here are all beat up from their beaks.)

  16. Hi William, what a neat display of birds. Enjoy your day. Jo

  17. Since I'm a birder I appreciate your post from the museum.

  18. Another absolutely fascinating place to visit. Tweeted.

  19. @Iris: I think so too.

    @Nancy: that's true.

    @Tom: that they do.

    @Joan: it's well done.

    @Marleen: that it is.

    @David: you would enjoy this.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Marie: they seem like real characters.

    @Laurie: I agree.

    @Anvilcloud: indeed.

    @Sharon: so do I.

    @Eileen: I don't think the oriole migrates this far north.

    @Barbara: thank you!

    @Sami: it's an impressive collection.

    @RedPat: that's true.

    @Jan: I don't often get a chance to photograph birds.

    @Beth: I have a fondness for owls.

    @Jo: thank you.

    @Red: thanks!

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Catalyst: that it is.

  20. Eine große und schöne Ausstellung über die verschiedenen Vögel.


  21. A great display of lots of different birds. I always liked the puffin, they are unique.

  22. Wow! Fabulous displays of birds, such variety here.

    All the best Jan

  23. Intriguing displays of bird varieties. Love how particular birds represent provinces.

  24. Wonderful display of some important birds. Thanks for telling me the name of the bird that each province has chosen. :-)

  25. {Said with sarcasm} Gee, none of the provinces has claimed the Canada Geese.

  26. These are beautifully displayed, William!

  27. I guess, for those who cannot get out into the field, this is the best.

  28. @Noke: thank you.

    @Bill: they are unusual.

    @Happyone: thanks!

    @Jan: that there is.

    @Gemma: it's a good idea.

    @DJan: you're welcome.

    @Kay: there's been some talk of a national bird, but nothing yet.

    @Italiafinlandia: as do I.

    @Jeanie: I think so.

    @Jennifer: true.

    @Klara: it is.