Monday, April 8, 2019

The Undiscovered Country

The path through this area stops at a spot set up to resemble the cupola on the Space Station. Footage from that part of the station is shown on each screen, mimicking the feeling of being in orbit over the planet, at least in part.

Canadian astronauts have taken part in shuttle missions from early on with our first man in space, Marc Garneau, to the current space station residents. At present there are four active Canadians in the astronaut program, with one of them, David Saint-Jacques, having had gone up to the ISS in December of last year and slated to return later this year.

Previous Canadian astronauts are shown on this wall. 

More panels and artifacts on life in space include the difficulties of medical treatment, and the commitment that such endeavours take- years of training well in advance. This is in regards to the real astronauts, not the billionaires with money to burn and an ego to stroke who pay a few million bucks to spend a few days in space. 


  1. Astronauts certainly aren't taking a billionaire joyride. I have doubts about the success of a venture that offers a paid ride into space.

  2. It must be rewarding to be that brave. I wouldn´t...

  3. Space travel has always been such a glamorous thing but didn't really grab me except for the first moon landing.

  4. You seem to be enjoying your trip through space! Amazing to think of the vastness of it all.


  5. I want to know how the world is seen above, but especially how it can be seen ... the universe!
    Very cool!

  6. I have an autograph from Aldwin when he stayed in Brussels' Hilton shortly after the very first flight. My husband worked at the Hilton in the 60/70 and had asked him.

  7. It must take a lot of courage to be an astronaut.

  8. There have been two Dutchmen in the ISS so far. Wubbo Ockels has been there for some days and Andre Kuipers has been there almost 7 months.

  9. about a view from the top.

  10. Total respect for the astronauts.

  11. so cool, i bet it is a great job? what fun. have a great week. it's gonna be wild, right? in a good way. i hope? ( ;

  12. Outer space is a subject that fascinates me...

  13. Wonderful photos and post
    Going up in space as a tourist, I feel, is selfish, irresponsible, and a huge insult to humanity. Even if I had the money, I would not go.

  14. I would never have tried to be an astronaut, but my husband is another story altogether. :-)

  15. We just don't know how much is needed for space travel. Every detail takes something special.

  16. Brave people that go out into space. It's fascinating but not for me!

  17. I have always followed the work of the Canadians in the space program. Such talented people!

  18. Such physically and mentally healthy people to tackle the deprivations and unique circumstances of space travel. Sure wasn't on my wish list as a little girl, as the rockets to the moon were only being imagined at that point. I'm really grateful to have witnessed the rise of our space age.

  19. @Kay: the latter is all about ego.

    @Padre: definitely.

    @Iris: I've always thought about space travel as a natural extension of humanity's wish to see what's out beyond the horizon.

    @Joan: it has always fascinated me.

    @Janis: I enjoyed this visit.

    @Ella: I agree.

    @Gattina: and there aren't many of the Apollo astronauts around anymore.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Nancy: and intelligence.

    @Jan: and Andre Kuipers shows up in some of these shots.

    @Tom: and what a view!

    @Anvilcloud: me too.

    @Beth: a hard job.

    @Italiafinlandia: me too.

    @Maywyn: it's like the rich guys who pay expedition companies millions to climb Everest, just so they can tag the top, without doing the real work and earning their way. It's just ego.

    @DJan: astronauts tend to have academic backgrounds in engineering, math, medical, that sort of thing. My academic background wouldn't have qualified.

    @Red: years of work go into a mission.

    @Sami: I'd love to see the world from up there.

    @Marie: that's quite true.

    @Barbara: it fascinates me.

  20. I love all space related things, this looks like a cool museum!!

  21. I'd enjoy seeing that cupola.

  22. Nice displays, I always admired those who went up in space. What an adventure!

  23. There is a space walk going on today with a Canadian involved.

  24. Well thought out displays. Although I love to travel, space is one step too far for me.

  25. Fascinating displays! My youngest grandson would love this. He is really interested in anything having to do with space.

  26. Very, very interesting William. Definitely an exhibit I would love to see. I have just been reading about the American astronaut Scott Kelly who has major health issues after nearly a year in space. I wonder how they will prevent that from happening on these longer flights they intend to make in the future.

  27. @Jenn: it's quite a place to visit.

    @Sharon: I've seen photography from that cupola in Scott Kelly's book.

    @Bill: an adventure indeed.

    @RedPat: yes, I heard Saint-Jacques was doing that today.

    @Fun60: for most people!

    @Lois: he'd have a ball.

    @Denise: yes, what we're finding with these year long stays in space is the effect it has on the body. Until science figures out ways to compensate for extended periods in space, I don't see humanity personally stepping on Mars anytime soon for instance.

  28. It was so exciting they were working outside today!

  29. Always amazing to hear and see about space travel ~ 1st two photos ~ very creatively captured ~

    Happy Days to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. The displays are very good.
    You have to admire all who are brave enough for space travel.

    All the best Jan

  31. This is all interesting but those first photos are so mesmerizing to me. Very nice work as usual, William!

  32. Neat pictures! The first one is wonderfully abstract.

  33. I'm not sure I fancy feeling what it would feel like out in space William 😊

  34. @Jennifer: thanks.

    @Carol: I think so.

    @Jan: I certainly do.

    @Jeanie: thank you.

    @Linda: yes it is.

    @Grace: it'd be different.

    @Sandi: I think so too.

    @Klara: most of us never will.