Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Lantern

A note to my photoblogger readers: there's a spammer going around mass spamming in Arabic for a cleaning company in the Middle East. Check your comments, as the insufferable little bastard briefly got comments posted here yesterday on numerous posts, and I've seen other such comments from him elsewhere. To the insufferable little bastard, I will say this- as you are in the Middle East, you deserve to get dropped into the middle of the Empty Quarter with no provisions or water, you bloody wanker.

Back to the matter at hand. I start off today with the fruit bats. A keeper entered this enclosure with a meal. I watched as he clipped bananas, cut in half, in various spots around the enclosure. The bats watched him do so. And when he left, they started feeding on the bananas.

Another look at that barn owl.

And another look at that pancake tortoise.

Coming out of the exhibit, I paused to look down to the ground floor and photograph the perspective.

This inflated sculpture is La Meduse, a jellyfish species called Pelagia noctiluca that glows in the dark. It hangs in the Queens Lantern. That's the name of the glass tower.

The modern glass structure works well with the original, I think.

The view looking north up Metcalfe Street leads directly to Parliament Hill.

A view back looks into the atrium area.

This is the view from the back walkway inside the atrium. I was on my way over to the gallery on the other side.

Another perspective looking down.

And one more look up Metcalfe.

With a final look at the outside structure for today. We'll get into that other gallery tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful shots! Love those fruit bats.

  2. Yes that Arabic idiot does it since weeks. Just what is wrong with him, I wonder.

    Ohhhh, I love fruit bats, so cute! And owls (apart from their eating mice.
    The Meduse is beautiful! Great architecture, too.

  3. Fruit bats are so interesting to observe. A jellyfish stranded in a tower keeping an eye on everything. Some artists are just so creative.

  4. Beautiful ...
    I love barn owls ... and of course also bats!
    The bats are Dracula's brothers-in-law ... LOL

  5. I’ve noticed comments on people’s blogs from some Mumbai resort or something, I found it strange, that’s the part of blogging I dislike.
    The thought of the bats watching the keeper while he prepares their food is a little un nerving, I am a little uneasy around bats to be honest lol,, the jelly fish sculpture is amazing, oh and the owl but part of me feels a bit sad for them as well, I hate to see creatures caged, I really do. I hope to see this place you’ve shown us in person some day, thank you,

  6. There's a superb fruit bat house at a wildlife park near here - used to go there often with children from the school I worked at (just one of the perks of the job). Yes, I've had all the Arabic cleaning products I'll ever need. I used to get "comments" from a plumber in Indonesia - can't imagine what the call-out charge would have been if I'd called him!

  7. What fascinating creatures the fruit bats are. I've had quite a few of those silly comments too good job they can be deleted:)

  8. I like your photos of the architecture with nr. 10 as a wonderful highlight.

  9. The Medusa statue is huge. Love those windows looking into the Atrium.

  10. Love that shot of the window framed in black.

  11. ..what a gorgeous building! I got that same spam and I also get one from India, just part of life.

  12. We had a colony of bats visit our garden in the mountains are year or two ago. There were hundreds of the noisy things hanging off the trees and putting off quite a smell. I was ever so glad that they decided to move on after a week or so. Some places are not quite so fortunate, the bats move in and stay.

  13. that is why i keep my comment to just google accounts .. at one time i was keeping them open and though the comments were not mean ...they were just spammie ... kind of nonsense ... like what? so i closed them ... i hate doing that ... 'cause a lot of the time i get normal comments that i wanna hear ... it is hard to know what is the best? keep them open for all to comment but get silly spam or close them and miss hearing from some wanted folks comments. sorry about that. hope u can get it under control. like why? doesn't that person have better things to do than bug 2 bloggers? i love your shots. sorry i don't recall if you are a traveler ... i have never been to Paris (just traveled the USA and Canada) and i am dying see overseas, Norte Dome burning ... so sad. i wanna get over there so bad. i bet it is just a gorgeous history and lands. ( ;

  14. I get a bit of spam and wonder why the spam filter doesn't catch the obvious ones like you describe. But I just delete them as soon as I see them. I think bats are fascinating and would enjoy watching the fruit bats eating the bananas. The jellyfish is rather astounding. Thanks for sharing it. :-)

  15. @Lady Fi: is it strange that the bats were cute?

    @Iris: I've seen such comments periodically, but yesterday was the first time I had comments here, and as I can't read Arabic, I decided to run them through translation to see what it was. Once I saw it was spam, I deleted. And literally a few minutes later, the dumbass was posting comments again. He probably got off twenty comments on four or five recent posts over the course of the day.

    @Fun60: it was brought in as part of a special exhibit some years ago, and has stayed here since.

    @Ella: hah!

    @Laurie: I believe the Mumbai one is a prostitution service, unless there's another one out there.

    @John: they're fascinating animals. I remember once posting on a spammer's page, generally along the lines of 'do you really think that advertising yourself to someone on the other side of the planet is going to get you business?'

    @Rosie: yes, it's irritating when they get past the spam filters. My settings are designated to require approval for any comment over a couple of weeks old. I find spammers do tend to target older posts, so they never get published.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Sami: it's quite a structure.

    @Janey: that it is.

    @Marie: so do I.

    @Tom: it's irritating.

    @Joan: my aunt would be terrified to see them up close like this. She's scared of any bat.

    @Beth: for the most part spam comments are automatically dealt with, as they tend to go for older posts. Yes, it was shocking to see Notre Dame burning.

    @DJan: usually it does, but I've found the two recent spammers are targeting recent posts, and thus getting through. I've reported the Mumbai hooker spammer countless times, and you'd think that Google would finally clue in on it. It was fun watching the little ones have their lunch.

  16. I've often heard of people (not me of course) having bats in their belfry. But you've got them up there living in a museum and eating bananas! Love the sculpture and would love to see it glowing at night! My spammers have included the Mumbai escort services. So I'm sure the spams are often hackers...beware! Keep your shields up.

  17. My main spammer is someone from Mumbai who is not advertising cleaning supplies. I see him/her on a lot of blogs.

  18. I had about 20 of the cleaning spam on various posts that all happened yesterday.
    It must have been fun to watch the bats!

  19. Fortunately I didn't get any of the cleaner guy's spam but I'm getting a little sick of the Mumbai guy and his little operation. I wish marking it spam actually stopped them from posting again.

  20. I didn't know that there had been an addition.

  21. I love that jellyfish!
    Sorry to hear about spammer...they are quite annoying.

  22. @Barbara: they're cute eaters.

    @Anvilcloud: and Google does nothing about that spammer no matter how many times you report them.

    @RedPat: they were a treat to see.

    @Sharon: Google needs to take that seriously.

    @Red: oh, yes, I've mentioned it before.

    @Tamago: that they are.

  23. Spam from mumbai shows us almost every other day. They are very annoying but it only takes a few moments to erase the mess.
    My favorite photo is the view that looks up Metcalfe. I like the way you framed it, William.

  24. Lovely series of shots ~ intriguing bats and places ~ sorry about the spammer ~

    Happy Days to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  25. I have visited this institution a couple of times, but not for a few years. I always enjoyed it very much and even got a good deal on a couple of books there.

  26. The jelly fish sculpture is cool looking.

  27. Owls are a favorite of mine and we have plenty of bats here on our farm. They serve an important purpose for all of us.

  28. @Bill: the Lantern is wonderful for photo ops.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @David: you'd enjoy a return visit.

    @Happyone: definitely.

    @Michelle: they do, yes.

  29. I like your shots of the building interior, and through the windows. Very nice.
    Gee, you're not interested in a Middle Eastern cleaning company? I can check my blog trash and see if any of the other half a million spammers might have something to tempt you. (Can't people come up with anything more constructive to do with their time?)

  30. I learnt something tonight: bat eat bananas!

  31. I am always late Wonderful photos but I like very much the Modern (?) glass windows.

    cheers, parsnip

  32. William - it's always good to get those little things off our chests! And then on to the fruit bats - love them! And I couldn't get over the size of that barn owl!

  33. Thanks again, Wi8lliam, for expressing how most bloggers feel about these low-life spammers. Today, I had several from a certain spammer with the initials PP who you previously blasted in a January 2016 post. This scumbag is posting the SAME spam message so many years afterwards and I had it repeated on several recent posts. All have been marked as spam and I will also be encouraging other bloggers to do the same. And, the Mumbai Escorts spam has also been showing up in other bloggers comments.
    By the way, I did enjoy seeing the fruit bats reaction to the bananas, though admittedly the fruit looked even larger than the bats.

  34. Great photographs here William.

    All the best Jan

  35. Love the windows in the atrium or overlooking it. And I know who you mean (well stated! You expressed all our feelings about that person!). He/she has been to my place too and I try to get it down as soon as I see it. UGH!

  36. I've been getting Mumbai stripper ads, then, yesterday, 10 ones from, I think, Japanese. sigh.

  37. @Kay: the spammers never give up.

    @Catarina: these ones do!

    @Parsnip: thank you.

    @Angie: the bats were cute.

    @Beatrice: the bats didn't mind the size.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Klara: thanks.

    @Jeanie: it's a good atrium.

    @Jennifer: they have nothing else to do with their time.