Saturday, December 28, 2013

500 Millilitres

Canadian Blood Services is the public agency that handles the donation and distribution of blood through most of the country (Quebec has its own provincial agency). The Ottawa office has a permanent clinic, but also roving clinics across the city and over a wide stretch of the Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario. They also have the bloodmobile, a customized truck trailer fitted out for donations.

During the holiday season, there's a pressing need for blood donors, since many regular donors are consumed with Christmas plans. I make a point of donating at some point after the middle of December each year. 

I'm a regular donor, and have never had a problem with it. So this year I went again, before Christmas. Oh, sure, the needle is THIS BIG and the pain will make you howl and wish that you were unconcious... oh, I kid, I kid. Really, there's nothing to it. An hour out of your day every two or three months, and they take about five hundred millilitres out of you.

Though there are the odd people who do faint. I've seen it happen.

Anyway, my very first selfie. No, not the Anthony Weiner kind of selfie.

One of the attending nurses snapped this shot of yours truly, with Christmas tinsel in the background. I swear, every time I try to smile, it comes out as a smirk. I don't mean to!


  1. Due to a penchant for intense daily aerobic workouts and naturally lower blood pressure, I routinely pass out at these affairs. Usually earns me a free cracker or something, though. :-)

  2. You're does look like a smirk! But you're entitled. You're doing a good thing.

  3. Good for you. I do this too and you are so right, nothing to it.

  4. Jane said: You save lives :)

  5. What a great guy. I gave blood in high school once and passed out. Now I'm a big weenie when it comes to needles. Well, it's a very nice smirk at any rate.

  6. I am a sufferer of intense trypanophobia (in fact, just these picture are making me shudder in fear). Good for you for being able to donate blood with a smile on your face!

  7. Great photo of you William.Smirks made Eastwood famous. I guess women like them.

  8. Good stuff. Been doing it for 34 years myself so far.

  9. Good for you William. I used to donate, but they have so many exclusions now in the US, I wonder how there are enough ppl left to donate. Not sure if it's like that in Canada.

  10. Revrunner: the nurses react quickly when someone is near to passing out.

    Stuart: it is.

    Norma: it is very simple to do.

    Sharon: it is just a matter of time.

    Jane: thank you!

    Krisztina: thanks!

    Tamera: I have never had problems with it... aside from a bit of bruising.

    Cheryl: is smirking a heroic pose?

    Eve: so does Bruce Willis....

    Rob: it is such a god way to give back...

    Barbara: there are a lot of restrictions here too.

  11. Yep. I'd be a fainter! Good for you, William--donating the blood, not the smirk. It's a nice smirk--you have man-dimples!

  12. I am a fainter! Good for you, William!

    Thanks for the heads up about the mural off Richmond St. Will have to go on a filed trip.

  13. Well done for even keeping your eyes open William.. I donate also but its always touch and go as to whether I pass out, I definitely can't look at the needle :)

  14. Kudos to you, William, as a long time blood donor myself I can appreciate your selflessness especially at this giving time of year. And, as you said, it is quite painless. Thanks for your comments and views on our blog and looking forward to seeing you in blogland in the New wishes from Grenville and myself.

  15. I used to donate regularly, but apparently I'm no longer considered healthy enough!

  16. Congratulations! I also donated regularly; then I traveled in Africa, and then I had breast cancer (which has turned out OK; hope this is not TMI). Anyhow, I think now I'm too old, even if the other things could be surmounted. I appreciate all donors! Bravo!

  17. @Lorelei: the previous time I gave blood, there was a soldier in the donation area. He fainted.

    @RedPat: it caught my eye, but I didn't think I'd have time to go seek it out myself.

    @Grace: I tend to bruise up a bit, but I never have problems looking at the needle.

    @Beatrice: thank you!

    @Norma: with your medications, they wouldn't take you.

    @Merry: those would be factors that would probably exclude you.