Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ivy And Bronze

The University of Ottawa is the oldest of three universities here in the city, dating back to the mid nineteenth century (brand new by European standards). Tabaret Hall is one of the older buildings, with ivy scaling its way up the walls. This is the main entrance into the Hall.

Some of the ivy on the wall of the building; late in the season, the leaves of the plant are long gone, leaving the lines of the stem itself clinging to the wall.

A short walk away, we find something completely out of place, a statue in front of a hotel, featuring a figure from South American history...

Simon Bolivar certainly never visited this country, and yet the man is here. It's a fairly common thing: his name is not only on the world map, but scattered all over places he never visited, in statues, place names, and even in the name of an American Civil War general (Simon Bolivar Buckner of the Confederacy). So why should we be surprised to see a monument of him far from home?


  1. It's a mystery indeed William..surely there has to be a connection somewhere, no matter how slight ?

  2. Without being able to control myself, I always have to try to Google such mysteries. What I found was that the statue was given to Ottawa by Venezula in 1988. I did not find out why however, other than I suppose they just wanted to spread his fame throughout the world. Anyway, another nice series of shots !

  3. The University of Ottawa is almost as old as my alma mater, Saint Louis University.

    As always, great shots!

  4. Very artful image of the vine on the wall!

  5. I don't think Simon is used to your winters. I hope he's dressed warmly.

  6. @Grace: I can't think of other historical figures like this whose name shows up in unexpected places, but Bolivar shows up everywhere!

    @Stuart: that would seem to fit. There was another panel on the side which did mention the date and some particulars of its placement.

    @Norma: thank you!

    @Linda: I'm particularly pleased that shot turned out well. I'll have to take shots there when the ivy is in full season. Tabaret Hall is a good building to take shots of.

    @Sharon: yes, the temperatures do tend to drop here quickly...

  7. Thank You William for another short story about Your nice city.

  8. Impressive building and I love that ivy shot!

  9. I've never visited the university! Wonderful building.

  10. Another place to visit next time I'm in Ottawa!

  11. Now thanks to Stuart's online sleuthing, we all know a little more about the why of the statue.

  12. @Inna: you're welcome!

    @Ciel: I'm definitely going to photograph that building's ivy in full season.

    @RedPat: It certainly is!

    @EG: it's easy enough getting around that campus.

    @Beatrice: indeed!