Thursday, December 26, 2013

Luxuries, Light, And Art

My last post ended with this corridor. Here's the view from the other end, with Christmas trees to be found along its length.

Looking up, we have a detail above the doors and passages that line its length.

While this is one of the sitting areas off the corridor. This large lounge features several large paintings and draws in the visitor.

This large corridor runs off the first corridor, running along the width of the hotel. 

I also wandered up to the second floor, where this desk in the corridor set before the window caught my eye.

A look at the second floor, above the lobby. The staircase you see at the left is the same staircase as in yesterday's post.

Concluding our look inside the Chateau tomorrow...


  1. If I were a lottery ticket buyer and actually won enough, I would love to spend some of it on a night here.

  2. I've dreamed for a long time of having an office like the one in the second-to-last photograph. But, alas, it will always remain only a dream. I could never keep a desk like that uncluttered for more than an instant.

  3. What an expansive hotel. Just beautiful.

  4. That is such a beautiful hotel.

  5. Wow that says it all. I do like the warm glow look. MB

  6. The public spaces are very grand and large. I wonder about the rooms.

  7. Wow, they really do have a lot of trees!

  8. Beauty. Like in all hotels around the world, the lights are warm.

  9. @VioletSky: it'd be fun to spend at least a night here...

    @Revrunner: you're not the only one who couldn't keep that desk uncluttered.

    @Norma: so do I!

    @Stuart: it is a hotel I always love photographing.

    @Sharon: it really is!

    @MB: thank you!

    @Barbara: they're quite luxurious.

    @RedPat: that was the idea!

    @Linda: it's become an annual tradition.

    @Merry: you're most welcome!

    @Inna: very warm indeed!

    @Cheryl: they certainly are!