Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let There Be Christmas Lights

As is the case with many homes and private businesses here, the city and federal governments put Christmas lights up this time of year.

At City Hall, I framed these two lit trees between flagpoles on the north lawn at dusk a couple of days ago. In the background, that streak of pink light at ground level is a skating rink, for those awaiting the Canal to freeze over.

Across the street, in Confederation Park, Christmas lights adorn trees in the park, mixing well with the snow... which seems to keep falling.

More lights in the park... and I don't believe I've shown this totem pole before. It's busy collecting snow at the moment.

On an earlier evening in the week, at the National War Memorial, the trees surrounding the monument are lit up for the Christmas season.

A straight on view of the Memorial with Christmas lights beyond makes for a dramatic image at night.

More Christmas lights tomorrow; I'll be showing you what Parliament Hill looks like at the moment.


  1. Beautiful images. Makes me cold just thinking about standing out there in all that snow snapping away. :-)

  2. Wow, Christmas lights everywhere, beautiful night shots, William!

  3. Perfect Christmas images. I wouldn't mind having some of that snow here.

  4. @Mo: it is!

    @Revrunner: it was quite cold when I took the memorial shots.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @EG: the snow really enhances it.

    @Stuart: I wonder if we can export it...

  5. Now that's what I call real Christmas!

    VDP's feed isn't updating. Again.

  6. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

  7. Thanks for this little tour around the city. I do enjoy seeing the Christmas lights.

  8. So beautiful! Love all the snow too. Can you believe we got up to 70 in MD this weekend?? Now all our snow is melted.:(

  9. @Ciel: Thank you! Blogger sometimes leaves certain blogs not updating for hours or days. My writer's blog can take hours to show up in my own roll of blogs.

    @Norma: yes it is!

    @Sharon: you're welcome!

    @Inna: thank you!

    @Krisztina: well, this snow isn't melting anytime soon!

  10. I haven't been out to see any lights so far this year. And I won't be today - we have so much ice!!

  11. Now our snow is completely gone;
    it has only rained, not like the ice I fear you are experiencing right now. Keep warm!

  12. The lights! …they are so beautiful. Nice shots. thanks

  13. I'm amazed at the amount of snow. We can only imagine that this far south.

  14. The lights on the trees magical !

    cheers, parsnip

  15. @RedPat: you'll have to make up for it next Christmas!

    @Merry: thank you!

    @Bob: here it's the standard thing.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Cheryl: yes it is!