Sunday, December 15, 2013

Confederation Square At Night

Back to one of my favourite subjects to photograph today. The War Memorial is a different experience by night, as is the case in this evening shot with a light dusting of snow around.

The Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are lit up by lights from the ground, nearby buildings, and even a couple of lights mounted up amid the statues of soldiers moving through the arch. The lighting creates such a different effect from being here in daylight.

This shot is from the side of the Memorial, looking at the Chateau Laurier. The hotel is well lit at night. Another personal favourite place to photograph.


  1. Those night shots are terrific. I like that sepia toned look.

  2. I love the way it looks at night!

  3. Your night shots are very good, they aren't easy!

  4. @Stuart: thank you!

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Sharon: more of that to come!

    @Mo: there's a lot of that here.

    @RedPat: thank you!

    @Ciel: they're certainly not!

  5. Good shots. I like nights shots. Greetings.

  6. The night lights and dusting of snow give the monuments an additional dimension, one that adds the atmosphere the soldiers very likely had to endure in reality.

  7. Pretty, snowy night - I hope you stayed warm taking these shots!

  8. Nice shots. I love the way the light shows the soldiers. Thanks.

  9. Your shots of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are very nice!

  10. Night shots are always so different from the same objects in daylight! Nice job!

  11. @Inna: thanks.

    @Speedway: it does indeed.

    @LondonLulu: oh, that's essential.

    @Mari: the lighting systems really lend it a dignified air.

    @EG: thank you!

    @Cheryl: thanks!